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Sweet and Wild


What is it about our encounters with nature that thrills us so? Those tidbits of bliss, egoless moments, swept up in mysterious and profound wild.

On an unusually warm day in autumn, Amish organic farmer David Kline came upon a woodchuck napping by a tree. “Taking my walking stick,” he says, “I reached out and gently scratched its back. Instead of waking, as I expected it to, the woodchuck arched its back in appreciation; its movements seemed to say: ‘Ah, that feels good.’”

Biodynamic farmers often note a response in wildlife on their farms after applying biodynamic preparations that, in a sense, feed and nourish the forces of nature and earth.

In working with biodynamic and other healing methods for trees in my yard, the response from nature always astounds me: a fox greeting me as I walked out my back door and bald eagles flying overhead, singing, after I had treated one particular tree.

I live in an area surrounded by woods, so these encounters are more “natural” given the setting. But I had one encounter years ago with a bird at the Mall of America in Minnesota that I will never forget.

I had just finished shopping and was walking down the steps of a parking ramp when I noticed a sparrow flying into a Plexiglas wall trying to get out. I tried to catch it in my shopping bag, to no avail. I said a little prayer to Saint Francis.

Then I looked at the bird and said, “Look, you’re not going to get out of here without my help, so you’re going to have to cooperate.” The bird then jumped on the top of my shopping bag, which I was holding out to it, and we proceeded down another flight of steps.

Once we got to the entrance, I said to the sparrow, “Now you can go.” It flew happily away. A guy by the entrance watching the whole thing said, “Boy, are you lucky.”

A few weeks ago, I came home after a medical procedure, feeling pretty somber. It was night, and I heard a sound outside the back door so I flipped on the lights. There, just a few yards away, three baby raccoons were climbing around a tree.

After a few moments, they came down continuing to snack on birdseed I had dropped on the patio. They were incredibly cute. Then one came up my steps and looked at me through the screen door, as if to ask, “Are you okay?”

Sweet and wild.

"Are you okay?"

"Are you okay?"

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“Thou hast to become as one with Nature’s Soul-Thought. At one with it thou art invincible. All Nature thrills with joyous awe and feels subdued; the silver star now twinkles out the news to the night-blossoms, the streamlet to the pebbles ripples out the tale; dark ocean-waves will roar it to the rocks surf-bound, scent-laden breezes sing it to the vales, and stately pines mysteriously whisper: “A Master has arisen, a MASTER OF THE DAY.”

-The Voice of the Silence

THE SHIFT Movie Trailer

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Beautiful Minds: A Voyage Into the Brain

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The Electric Universe

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Deepak Chopra – Life after Death

THEOSOPHY is that ocean of knowledge which spreads from shore to shore of the evolution of sentient beings.

Unfathomable in its deepest parts, it gives the greatest minds their fullest scope, yet, shallow enough at its shores, it will not overwhelm the understanding of a child.

It is wisdom about God for those who believe that he is all things and in all, and wisdom about nature for the man who accepts the statement found in the Christian Bible that God cannot be measured or discovered, and that darkness is around his pavilion.

Although it contains by derivation the name God and thus may seem at first sight to embrace religion alone, it does not neglect science, for it is the science of sciences, and therefore has been called the wisdom religion.

For no science is complete which leaves out any department of nature, whether visible or invisible.

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Clairvoyance and Remote Viewing

THE astral light is a storehouse and reflector of all the images of every event, feeling and thought, created by anyone on Earth.

The sensitive universal astral matrix can transmit “those pictures of events to come,” wrote W. Q. Judge in The Ocean of Theosophy (Ch. 16), if the creations “are sufficiently well marked and made.”

Events for several years to come, “the producing and efficient causes,” Judge wrote, “are always laid down with enough definiteness to permit the seer to see them in advance, as if present.”

“It is a faculty common to all men,” Judge comments, “though in the majority but slightly developed.”

“Occultism asserts that were it not for the germ of this power slightly active in every one, no man could convey to another any idea whatsoever.”


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