Sacred Tribe of Heroes

YOU must not think that the gods are without employment, explained Synesius, the Greek bishop of Ptolemais.

The idea is developed by theosophist W. Q. Judge in his article “Cycles,” about the duty of the ancient gods to watch over humanity:

“For they descend according to orderly periods of time,” Synesius wrote,

“… for the purpose of imparting a beneficent impulse in the republics of mankind.”

“For this providence is divine and most ample, which frequently through one man pays attention to and affects countless multitudes of men.”

Please note: This post has been updated and republished. Click the link below:

Descent of the Gods


One response to “Sacred Tribe of Heroes

  1. Thank you for the above post! I was particularly struck by the story of Arjuna marrying an adept in America – I had never heard about it – very cool. I also had not realized that the nagas were actually human adepts, although it certainly makes sense, given that snake imagery can refer to the raised kundalini.

    As far as Washington’s vision, I have long felt that the third prophecy has not yet come to pass. I hope that through prayer and striving we can antidote the karma and patterns that would trigger the manifestation of the third prophecy, although admittedly there are days when I worry that it won’t be headed off. Still, this month’s election proves that, whatever happens, a great many people in America and worldwide can rise up and rally to the cause of the evolution of humanity and the planet herself.


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