A Mind of Their Own

Buddha in the SnowKRISHNA assures an uncertain Arjuna that he has lived many lives on Earth.

“Both I and thou have passed through many births,” the Master tells his disciple (Bhagavad-Gita, Ch. 4:31):

“Mine are known unto me, but thou knowest not of thine.”

The fact is most people don’t recall their past lives, because in every rebirth the immortal soul must endure a new body and astral body, a new personality and a new physical brain. 

Being handed an empty photo album is a challenge to the incoming soul, hindering it finding a conscious connection to prior experiences and knowledge. Thus “the new ‘personality,’” Blavatsky wrote (Key to Theosophy, Ch. 8), “is no better than a fresh suit of clothes.”

Being so, yet “the record or reflection of all the past lives must survive,” H. P. Blavatsky continues, “for when Prince Siddhartha became Buddha the full sequence of His previous births were seen by Him.” In such a state he was able, she says, “to retrospectively trace the lines of all his lives.”

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2 responses to “A Mind of Their Own

  1. >>“The rose must re-become the bud born of its parent >>stem, before the parasite has eaten through its heart >>and drunk its life-sap. The golden tree puts forth its >>jewel-buds before its trunk is withered by the storm. >>The pupil must regain the child-state he has lost ere the >>first sound can fall upon his ear.”

    It is interesting that one of the main themes in Eckhart Tolle’s teachings is learning the state of Presence. When you shut down the mind and become acutely conscious and alert of the life inside yourself and around yourself. This is precisely the state in which children spend most of their time until the age of 6-7.

    Another interesting tidbit is that until the age of 6-7 children exhibit mostly theta brain-waves: indicative of the mind in what we consider a meditative state. Perhaps this is what the state of Presence helps us achieve.

    A really captivating newsletter! Thank you Theosophywatch so very much!


  2. Steven A. Ranger

    Yes, I agree, we are not our true selves in this mechanical society — I stayed 1 year in Kashmir, India in 2005, and I found my past life trail. I had many dreams in NYC years before I went to India, that took place exactly like in the dreams, but in India, when I was a child up until the 7th or 8th grade.

    I had a memory that I thought took place in the 70’s. I am 36 now, the memory goes like this: I remember standing on a ship dock with a woman, I was a child, I was looking up at her, but I could not see her face, because she was holding a news paper in front of it. All I heard was crying very loudly saying I can’t believe the Titanic sank!

    She kept repeating this over and over while she was crying. Because of this memory, I truly believed that the titanic sank in the 70’s all the way up until I was in the 7th or 8th grade. Until one day, when in St. Petersburg FL, at a middle school called Bay Point Middle School, I was coming from the principles office, I remember walking out and seeing no one around.

    As I came out of the office, (the library was across the way,) for some strange reason something told me to go into the library, and I tell you with truth, I was not a book reader at all nor did I ever go into the library, but clearly the universe wanted to show me something, so I went in.

    And again there was no one in sight. As I walked thru the doors there was a round table about 50 ft. away from the entrance, and in the distance I saw on the table a thin book laying in the middle. For some reason I decide to go to the table, as I got closer I saw the words in big black letters TITANIC.

    At that moment, seeing the word Titanic, I said to my self: “Oh yeah I remember when it sank,” then when I reached the table, I picked up the book and I examined the cover. I saw the year 1911 (for some reason now I keep seeing 1912 when the ship sank, I am not sure why the date changed) — and I remember feeling very puzzled, and confused.

    I could not overstand why it said 1911 and I was born 1972. Until I went to India, that memory was an enigma to me. While in Kashmir, a woman from Germany sent me a copy of this book called “The Secret Doctrine;” she sent it to me because while in India with her, I told her that the # 7 is a powerful # in my life. She never read the book but she she said while skimming thru it, it reminded her of things I shared with her about the #7; and things that were happening to me.

    I didn’t read the whole book yet, but it pointed me in the right direction. Anyway there is much, much more to this story. I would like to share but then I would have to write a book.

    I now do believe that I have lived before, and I also believe that I found the place. I was buried in my last, or one of my lives in Kashmir. I cannot abide by the word coincidence anymore, my dreams are too accurate, and the universe keeps showing me things I can not turn away from.

    I have much to share but since being back in NYC since 2007, I have tried to talk to some close friends and family about these things, but now I have lost almost all my friends, and some family just do not want to hear it.


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