Hanging by a Thread

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  1. Bryant Fraser

    An Unbroken Thread… of cycles comprises this limitless circle of life in which find ourselves, intertwined between past and future events, the past being a projection of the anticipated future, Karma assures us of this present experience at some time or other. On the subject of time: According to Einstein you cannot separate time from things that happen in that time. In other words time becomes like stuff (material), which can be measured. Now, if you can measure it like points or places on a line, then you can calculate and predicted what’s happening within that time which allows us to coordinate cycles and the things that happen that are so integrated within those cycles of time. Time takes on a locality, with a beginning and an end point in regards to the people, places and things of this universe. Time has been mistakenly understood from a purely subjective, relative point of view. We are actually able to objectively put numbers onto cycles of time because time like things can be measured. Hence it’s time to wake up (9:00) because we cannot separate the things that happen from the time, which they happen. This makes cycles all the more important in knowing where we are going individually and as a whole race in this world. Fractals and Ancient wisdom is now being put in essential practical terms for our development and understanding. Numbers and direct proportionate measurement stand behind this logic (LOGOS)