Neti Neti

THE idea that things can cease to exist and still be, is a fundamental one in Eastern psychology.

Under this apparent contradiction in terms, there rests a fact of Nature to realize is the important thing.

A familiar instance of a similar paradox is afforded by chemical combination. The question whether Hydrogen and Oxygen cease to exist, when they combine to form water, is still a moot one.

Some [argue] that since they are found again when the water is decomposed, they must be there all the while—others contending that as they actually turn into something totally different, they must cease to exist as themselves for the time being.

“Neither side is able to form the faintest conception of the real condition of a thing, which has become something else, and yet has not ceased to be itself.”

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2 responses to “Neti Neti

  1. Dear Luz Nieto,

    We’re very glad to know you find the articles useful, and thank you for your comments. Also nice to hear the conference in LA was successful. There were many students who contributed to creating an interesting program for the centennial his year, most especially the attendees.

    Warm Regards,

    Odin (TW Co-Editor)


  2. I find your information very good. Thank you for the time you dedicate for the growth of our knowledge.

    I also wish to express my happiness for all those who visited the “Theosophy Hall”, and celebrated with us the first one hundred years of the building in Los Angeles, California, August 6,7,8,9 2009. The event was a success because of you. Thank you.
    Luz Nieto.


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