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Breath of Heaven

Birth of Venus ~ Sandro Botticelli

Birth of Venus ~ Sandro Botticelli

How comes our physical body to the state of perfection it is found in now? Through millions of years of evolution, of course, yet never through, or from, animals, as taught by materialism.

For, as Carlyle says: — “The essence of our being, the mystery in us that calls itself  ‘I,’ — what words have we for such things? — it is a breath of Heaven, the highest Being reveals himself in man.”

“This body, these faculties, this life of ours, is it not all as a vesture for the unnamed?”

Miracle of Miracles

So wrote Helena Blavatsky in her The Secret Doctrine in 1888, and continues:- “The breath of heaven, or rather the breath of life, called in the bible Nephesh, is in every animal, in every animate speck as in every mineral atom. But none of these has, like man, the consciousness of the nature of that highest Being, as none has that divine harmony in its form which man possesses.”

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