Somewhere Out There

MAINSTREAM scientists looking for the source of consciousness, usually expect it’s origin to be the physical brain.

They are certain that all cognition arises from the activity of neurons, attached to specific structures, which have fixed locations.

Yet many credible scientific researchers dispute these assumptions. They are not convinced, and are willing to investigate the theory that consciousness is a separate entity from physical structures.

Because their assumptions are often not considered credible, advocates risk being minimized and shunned by their peers — and what is worse, their funding sources dry up.

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A Shaman Levitates

7 responses to “Somewhere Out There

  1. Hi Odin: was thinking about last night’s discussion on the elusive present, e.g. the future passes into the past and you can’t quite put your finger on the present although you can have some experience of stillness when the present is meditated on. It’s my guess that the extent to which you can experience this stillness you are witnessing the soul and the stillness you feel is the imperishable nature of soul. -Joe


    • Yes, the stillness, some call it “emptiness” which is really filled with all states of consciousness as One. Being “present” or in the “NOW” is another way of getting into present moment. But with all the pulls from the future and past, it’s usually hard to maintain, especially in our noisy culture! Thanks for the comment and contributions in class…. Odin


  2. Ainslie Waldron

    HI again Odin
    I am still having difficulty playing the video clips. I have plenty memory on my computer and am experiencing the same problem on my laptop as my desktop. I am so disappointed as it was a highlight of my week to play the wonderful clips that you post. I don’t seem to have this problem on You Tube.


    • Hi Ainslie,

      FYI: Just got this note from another reader of TW who experienced a similar problem as yours:

      Hi Odin,
      This morning, I took your advise and checked my registry cleaner ( for a manual cleaning ) in my McAfee virus security software and that did the trick. There was junk clogging my computer. I now can view TW videos and still keep all my usual websites up.
      Thanks again,

      Why not try this yourself?


  3. Greetings Odin, I followed you to your site via Twitter! Very interesting site you have. I love the information you are exposing. I have placed your site in my favorites and I shall return. Talk to you soon, and keep up the positive work!

    One Love,

    Michael Anthony
    AhMuseIndustry.Net, LLC


  4. Hi Odin,

    I can’t get this new video format you’re now using to play. Please explain what must be done. I’ve tried clicking on all the obvious embed features…no luck.
    Bye the way. I’ve injured my foot. That’s why I haven’t been attending your Monday night classes. When it heals I’ ll be back to annoy you and the group.



  5. Ainslie Waldron

    Thanks for these very interesting clips. Recently I have only been able to vie a few minutes /seconds of each clip rather than the entire clip. Is this my system or your change?


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