A Fiery Life

UNDERPINNING the universe is not gravity, as taught today, but something else.

This something is a conscious electro-spiritual power described by the Tibetan word “Fohat,” according to Theosophy—a universal force that rules humans, nature and the infinite cosmos.

But physicists are stuck on gravity to support their dubious ‘standard model.’

Science still insists that gravity alone, the weakest force on Earth, runs the entire universe — though admittedly, as with magnetism, they understand very little about it.


A Serbian schoolgirl has amazed medics with her astonishing magnetic hands. Ten-year-old Jelena Momcilov has been picking up cutlery, coins and even metal furniture by just touching them at her family home in Zeljusa, since she first discovered her powers five years ago.

This post is updated and republished as:

The Body Electric



3 responses to “A Fiery Life

  1. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi

    Stephen Hawking writes in The Grand Design, “It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.” Hawking said the Big Bang was merely the consequence of the law of gravity. In A Brief History of Time, Hawking had suggested that the idea of God or a divine being was not necessarily incompatible with a scientific understanding of the Universe.

    Although Hawking is very close to Truth yet he is not perfect in his views while discarding the role of divine being. I consider the role of eternal gravity uppermost but I strongly differ with Hawking on the role of divine being. I consider Divine Ordainment is the cause of Creation of Universe.

    Now I give Radhasoami Faith view of Creation Theory. In Sar Bachan (Poetry) composed by His Holiness Soamiji Maharaj the August Founder of Radhasoami Faith the details of creation and dissolution has been described very scientifically. It is written in Jeth Mahina (name of Hindi moth) in this Holy Book: Only He Himself (Supreme Father)and none else was there. There issued forth a great current of spirituality, love and grace (In scientific terminology we may call this current as gravitational wave). This is called His Mauj (Divine Ordainment). This was the first manifestation of Supreme Being. This Divine Ordainment brought into being three regions, viz., Agam, Alakh, and Satnam of eternal bliss. Then a current emerged with a powerful sound. It brought forth the creation of seven Surats or currents of various shades and colours (in scientific terminology we may call it electromagnetic waves). Here the true Jaman or coagulant was given (in scientific terminology this coagulant may be called as weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force). Surats, among themselves, brought the creation into being.

    These currents descended down further and brought the whole universe/multi verse into being i.e. black holes, galaxies etc. were born.

    I would like to add further that sound energy and gravitational force current are non polar entity and electromagnetic force is bi-polar. Hence spiritual polarization, if occurred, is occurred in the region of Sat Lok and region below to it only.


  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome posting, Odin, thank you much–still reading and studying..☺


  3. Leave the words behind and reach for the wordless, the reachless. Leave the finite behind and reach for the infinite. “Electricity”, “gravity”, so what – mere words. “Energy” both; but what is “energy”? The Infinite desires to know itself. But the infinite is monad, non-dualistic, and has no dualistic subject to do the knowing and object to be known. But the Infinite, being infinitely omnipotent and omniscient can do anything, including NOTIONALLY separating into a notional subject & object in order to know itself. And the Subject is all of Infinity, and the Object is all of Infinity…and from such Infinite Desire and its Infinite Reach, Consciousness arises, and from Consciousness, the dimensions arise (all notional within attributeless Infinity)…and the entire Creation (remaining notional within Infinity). Energy is the (notional) Infinite movement from (notional) Infinite Subject to (notional) Infinite Object, and the experience (notional Infinite) that arises. A Notion reaching for itself while notionally separate (division, duality and polarity) and manifesting its own non-dual Oneness. That all takes place in Infinity – being infinitely omnipotent and omniscient… Energy, manifesting as gravity, electricity, ad infinitum. There are no atoms, no particles, only consciousness, and consciousness itself resolves into infinity – the infinity which is its paradoxical fundamental. Call it what we like, but leave the words gnostically behind and rather realise its infinity within (and without) ourselves…in silence.


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