A Modern Mesmer

MESMEROMANIA is how the Paris press reported it.

Parisians including the wife of King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, were in love with a man by the name of Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer.

Dr. Mesmer was rich in part because he married a rich widow, but also because he became a successful Viennese physician.

He lived on a well-appointed estate and hosted the then young twelve-year-old musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart was introduced to Benjamin Franklin’s invention, the “Armonica,” by Mesmer, (who used it to ‘mesmerize’ his patients.)

The young Mozart composed a musical piece for Mesmer’s “Glass Armonica,” and later wrote a solo armonica piece, and a larger quintet for armonica, flute, oboe, viola and cello.

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14 responses to “A Modern Mesmer

  1. This site needs to be credited for shedding light on the fact that bio-energy is mesmerism. Beginners often insist that bio-energy healing has nothing to do with hypnosis (or more broadly with mesmerism). Bio-energy is in fact mesmerism. To be effective it relies on (silent) healers hypnosis. Any advanced practitioner knows this. Most have natural hypnotic skills, or are somnambulists, and the others learn.

    However, most teachers do not teach this aspect of bio-energy work, or inform their bio-energy clients. Only the most ethical ones don’t hide the fact that they use hypnosis, precisely because they have nothing to hide. See for example another Eastern European mesmeric/bio-energy healer, whose energy is so strong he is in the Guinness Book of Records (twice – make no mistake)! His name is László Harasztosi. He is Hungarian.
    Web : http://www.harasztosi.com/news.php
    A video : http://www.harasztosi.com/page.php?7
    The best way to learn bio-energy is to practice, and not be impressed by any one healer or teacher. They have all in turn read many books to learn, and/or had teachers.


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