Orbs of Influence



DEJA VU is an awakened familiar reminiscence of place, or in the case of meeting a stranger, an uncanny feeling of recognition.

We have an unmistakable sense of prior knowing that person or place — though the encounter is seemingly, in this life,  for “the first time.”

Invisible entities called “elementals” or “elementaries” in Theosophy, can be thought of as “orbs of influence,” in the sense that such hidden entities attach to and manifest hidden patterns of intention.

They are attracted to, mirror and preserve fields of information — reflecting the  influences, beneficent or maleficent, of persons, places and things. The Greeks called them Muses.

Similarly, “sacred space” and “spirit of place” are ideas that, for man, refer to a lingering spiritual resonance of certain locations.

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Temples of Initiation

5 responses to “Orbs of Influence

  1. hi just got back from egypt last week.
    I took hundreds of pictures in most of the temples, when I got back to England and up loaded to my pc I found loads of orbs especially in the room shown above with the boat . Very spooky


  2. A wonderful, most informative post, thank you TW!

    I had no problems with the videos.


  3. SunlightOnWater

    I think there’s volumnous information here and would love to avail myself of it, but the videos are unlistenable, totally broken up and stuttering throughout. It’s not only frustrating, but impossible to follow 😦 Pity.


    • Sorry you’ve having trouble with the videos. About a month ago another reader wrote us with a similar experience, and we suggested a thorough cleanup of his computer using McAfee, or Iolo System Mechanic (unless you have a MAC – Windows gets slower and unstable from accumulating file fragments, junk, registry errors, and new startup items over time.)

      The videos worked perfectly after the cleanup. The WordPress video system we use is immaculate, and well maintained. See for yourself by trying another, newer computer. A suggested link with more information about this: http://www.iolo.com/system-mechanic/standard/

      Thank you for your readership!



  4. This is just one of the most remarkable postings yet. Mr. Silva offers incredible insight about our connection with the unseen worlds and how, whether we are in “thinking” mode or not, we are influenced by it, Thank God!

    And, the Egyptian reflections that gave birth to the 10 Commandments are very moving as well – they could not be more applicable to our current karmic patterns!

    Thank you so much for this…I want to read and watch and digest over and over…



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