The Look that Heals

DUALITY rules our conscious existence, for example neither light or darkness can ever appear alone. They are inseparable — rearrange one on life’s canvas, and you change the other.

As metaphors for “spirit and matter,” the twins are emblematized on the back of the U. S. dollar— matter pictured as a heavy pyramid base, but with its capstone removed — in its place a spiritual eye of blazing light.

Ironically, or perhaps knowingly, the Founders coupled money, arguably the root of all evil, with the most spiritual symbol of an “All Seeing Eye” — known also to occultists as “The Third Eye.”

Yet experience seems to show that choosing selfish material values, and ignoring conscience, we end up trapped in perpetual cycles of crisis like oil spills.

That both sides of The Great Seal of the United States appear together on the back of the dollar bill, should be an ever-present reminder of our dual nature. We are an industrialized, material culture, yet profess higher values of justice, freedom and equality.

The human brain, home of the third eye, “is simply the canal between two planes,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote, “the psycho-spiritual and the material.”

We are usually unaware of this duality, because the organ of the spiritual eye is hidden, Theosophy says, in the pineal gland at the back of our brain.

The eye is also mentioned in Matthew 6:22, Luke 11:34:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

The pineal body is a small organ at the back of the brain resembling a pine cone — called the “epiphysis cerebri” — forming part of the ventricular or hollow center of the brain, connected with the central canal of the spinal cord.

As an endocrine gland the pineal produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and also produces DMT, a tryptamine said to induce dreaming and higher states of consciousness. (DMT is a schedule 1 drug in the United States.)

Dedicating much time to the study of the pineal gland, René Descartes called it the “seat of the soul.” He believed that it was the point of connection between the intellect and the body.

This was in part because of his belief that it is unique in the anatomy of the human brain being a structure not duplicated on the right and left sides. (In 1663, the Pope placed his works on the Index of Prohibited Books.)

A Theosophical View

“Descartes saw in the pineal gland the Seat of the Soul,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote. “Yet having an action independent of it,” she added, “as it could easily be put into a kind of swinging motion” by “the currents of nerve-auric compound circulation.”

“Unscientific as this may appear in our day [19th Century] of exact learning,” Blavatsky declared, “Descartes was yet far nearer the occult truth than is any Hæckel.”

We agree with the reader who noted that Descartes contended that animals did not have “souls.” They were merely machines, requiring nothing more than their own “works” to make them go. And he believed that man also is merely an “animal machine,” a view which sadly persists to this day.

The Spiritual Mind

But in addition to the biological and intellectual aspects, there is a spiritual function to this mysterious organ.

“The pineal gland is far more connected with Soul and Spirit than with the physiological senses of man,” Blavatsky writes, “…for nature never creates the smallest, the most insignificant form without some definite purpose and use.”

“It was an active organ, we say, at that stage of evolution when the spiritual element in man reigned supreme over the hardly nascent intellectual and psychic elements. The eye is the mirror and also the window of the soul, says popular wisdom, and Vox populi Vox Dei.

Everything Will Be All Right

Douglas Wallace, author of “Everything Will Be All Right”, a gripping memoir of his growing up in abject poverty in the hills of Tennessee. In this clip, Wallace tells the story of how, at the age of 12, something mysterious and extraordinary happened to him while walking in the woods one day with his older brother.

It was from this experience that his entire life changed, the epiphany due perhaps to his own Higher Self, setting his pineal gland into an “swinging motion,” reflecting some of its ancient function.

“The pineal gland,” Blavatsky wrote, “is the very key to the highest and divinest consciousness in man — his omniscient, spiritual and all embracing mind.” –(Dialogue on the Mysteries of the Afterlife)

The Third Eye

This gland, according to Jacob Liberman, author of Light, The Medicine of the Future, “looks like an eye, and in some respects it is literally an eyeball. It’s round and has an opening on one portion — in that opening is a lens for focusing light. It’s hollow and has color receptors inside. Its primary field of view is upward, toward the heavens.”

“Just as our eyes can look up to 90 degrees to the side from the direction of the face, the pineal gland can also “look” as much as 90 degrees away from its set direction. Just as we cannot look out the back of our heads, the pineal gland cannot look down toward Earth.”


Braco’s Healing Gaze

Many people in Braco’s audience report seeing and feeling a powerful white light, and they feel a “special kind of warmth and deep love.”  (The energy could overburden children, so the sessions are not open for visitors under the age of 18 and for women who are pregnant, after the third month).

Dr. Harald Wiesendanger of Germany is one of the top experts on healers and healing and has achieved worldwide recognition through the publication of over 28 books. He is the founder of the “International Agency for Outstanding Healers” (IAOH), which examines and researches healers all over the world through a team of doctors, psychologists and experts from various fields.

Dr. Wiesendanger reports:

“In spite of the fact that thousands worship Braco like a saint, he has staid to be a very natural, decent person who has kept his humility. And he strongly adheres to his conviction that you should never make a business with something, which you have been given as a present.”

“He could have made millions by only charging a few Euro from each of his visitors,” Dr. Wiesendanger writes, “but he does not want to charge any money for participation in his sessions. His help is for free and he even does not want to accept donations. He has the knowledge how to become a media-star, but he refuses to give any interviews.

Braco heals and helps people with his gaze.

“Braco represents a positive role model as a healer-personality and I selected him as one of the few healers in this world, which my “International Agency for Outstanding Healers” (IAOH) can clearly recommend to everybody.

“Braco personifies that type of healer, which has become a rare exception on a market, which is more and more influenced by commercial interest and by boastful and self-important persons who overassess their abilities and themselves.”

The Scientific Perspective

[Interview with Drago Plecko, MSc., Parapsychologist and scientist from Croatia, by Earth Transformation Examiner Angelika Whitecliff]

“It’s not that easy to explain it on the scientific level. I even think ultimately that there is not much point in proving it scientifically because it introduces the methodology of science. In some way, you destroy the essence of this transformation. If you want to enjoy the flower, you shouldn’t grab it, cut it in pieces, look at it under the microscope … you destroy the essence of it.

Spirit Matters

“It’s the same story in these spiritual matters — it’s always the same problem.

“Scientists want to dissect it, they want to see what’s inside, when they get some answers then they get new ideas to what they want to test next. Ultimately you are a guinea pig. There is no point in it.”

“Question: Eckhart Tolle talks about being in the now, and how important it is for all of us to be present right now. Do you think this is a major factor why Braco is able to manifest the abilities that he does, because of his ability to be present?

“DP:  Not for him to be present, but the people.

“It’s very simple actually — if you look at the people and how concentrated they are. When you are fully concentrated on any object, particularly on a person, which has energy and everything included. It’s all you need actually for the best perception you can experience in that moment you are present.

“I think it’s the same story. He wouldn’t say that.

He wouldn’t explain that, but the bottom line is that if you are present fully then anything can happen because you enter the stage of all possibility, of all potential.

When you are present, at that point all the possibilities are opened. (…)

“But you can’t make it up. You can’t do it willingly, organize yourself to be better. You know what I mean — on that conscious level, the intellectual level. You can’t make a plan — now I’ll do this because it will work better. That’s one of the major illusions. You can’t be what you’re not.

“If you are trying to be what you are not, you are gone. You’re done, finished. So spontaneity is the only route through which he can work.”

“If you start making arrangements about things — it’s like we would do this because it would affect people better — it’s not good, this is on the intellectual level.

“You can’t do that intellectual level, spiritually speaking you are lost. You lost the track. It has to work spontaneously.”

The Divine Matrix
20 Keys to Conscious Creation

New discoveries suggest that our world is the mirror of our beliefs. What we once believed is about to change! Author Gregg Braden bridges time, space, miracles, and belief.

Navigating the Course

(Letter from a Colleague)

“It is impossible that anything should be produced if there were nothing existing before.”


EVERYTHING comes from something. All the organic compounds in our world come from four elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. From these simple ingredients have developed the marvelous chains of self-replicating proteins that fill the planet with jungles, gardens, farms, the swarming life of the sea, and four billion people.

Capacity Rules

Each of us contains all human possibilities within ourselves. Nothing that we do comes from nowhere —we all have the capacity for great goodness as well as great selfishness and blindness.

The choice, at every moment, is ours. What will we use out of our formidable repertoire of responses?

Navigate Your Patterns

Most of us have a pattern of response that we are comfortable with. Our habitual behavior saves us from the discomfort of always having to make a choice. But in exchange for comfort, we give up a little bit of our spontaneity.

Every once in a while, it’s good for us to become aware of what our habits are, and what determines our usual behavior.

Today I’ll take myself off automatic pilot and navigate the whole course in person.

Here’s hoping you navigate in person today….


Helena E. Kerekhazi, MS, NRNP

BioCare, Inc., New York, USA

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5 responses to “The Look that Heals

  1. ¡ Saludos and Thank you Theosophy Watch for very
    interesting blogs on Modern Mesmer and the Look that Heals! And also good comments!
    I want to make one because I have had experiences watching people go through these healings in the Philippines and had a chance to to be in contact with many of them after the healings. I have not thought much about this in a very long time. Of course in a comment I cannot give details on each one or on all. In general people did feel a relief from their ailment even an almost blind person could see a little better. The point is, were these permenant cures? No, they were not. People who had terminal cancer felt better when they got home, but died a little later…perhaps within two weeks. The almost blind person had better eyesight for the moment but very shortly afterwards returned to where she was before. Now, there was a person with pain from a vericose vain in her leg and has never had the pain again. These are some examples that come to mind at the moment. I feel people will look for help any where they can and I feel also in the case of the “eye that heals” the advertisement is quite misleading. And it hurts. I don´t say he hasn´t perhaps helped some people, but to what extent… and has it been permenant? Is anybody making a record of the suppossed healings and the duration of the healings? What I heard on the video he doesn´t charge or accept donations, but he earns money from DVDs and Videos. Of course he is recieving money in an indirect intelligent marketing strategy. Can one imagine all these people coming from many parts of the world to try to be healed. People will go anywhere and spend their savings on the trip, with the promotion he is given just to get to the healer and being there will buy all kinds of things.
    Here in México there are people who heal with the energy from their hands. They call it a gift and don´t charge, some do recieve donations…they live in poverty. I know some people that have been cured. Others have not. One gets to know about them by word of mouth. I haven´t yet seen advertisements like videos or DVDs…there may be…I hope not.


    • Thank you Marion, all your points are well taken. Theosophy does teach that if the Karma of the person does not change by internal and external actions by themselves, the effects of healing the physical effects will only be temporary. “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them,” Einstein once said. But it is also true that a real Master can help a person by “taking on the karma of another” — in the case of Blavatsky for example — when the purpose is to allow them to continue to serve others and to complete their mission in life. So it is a complex question, and very dependent on individual circumstances. The Philippines healers we recall tend to be “psychic healers” which would indicate the level of effect is limited to that plane, whereas difficult Karma has much deeper levels in the Mind and Heart. So in those cases it would be superficial as it does not go deeply enough. In some cases, including Braco, the individuals had made a voluntary change in their own natures as a result of using the energy he transmitted — so in those cases they were “self-healed” and could be permanent. If it were not possible to heal ourselves, there would be no hope for humanity — but it has to come, as you say, from a genuine change in the Mind-Heart. Thank you for the helpful insights!


  2. AQ correspondence on TW
    Monday, November 23, 2009

    I read the newest Theosophy Watch about Braco. Now there’s a person who’s not making money on what he does! What do you think of him? Is this possible?

    And where does karma come into this? We have medical conditions from the harm we do our own bodies but also from our own karma.

    Does his energy just push back into the people what’s supposed to come out?


    Friday, November 27, 2009

    Hi D

    As you say HPB writes about the problems of relying on ‘mind cure’ (also of Christian Science, a system of denial of the disease).

    What you say is right about pushing the disease back into the body – do you have the book of daily quotes from WQJ? This is the one for today, 27th November:

    Sickness may be a blessing on two planes:
    (1) the mental and moral, by opening the nature, and
    (2) on the physical, as being the discharge into this plane of an inner sickness of the inner being.

    This seems difficult and hard to accept – one supposes it depends on the sickness and it’s effects – the way karma works is often not clear but reliance on the Law is taught as a helpful and philosophically sound outlook, which is to transcend the personal form and its experiences.

    The other aspect is that if we destroy fear and give another bent to imagination, “nature will do the rest”.

    So does one need a Braco – perhaps at some point to help get through the healing process? But maybe it’s better if we can do it ourselves, so we can then prove it by experience and later show others how – is that how we learn?

    In this, much is made regards the conditions of the mind, importantly faith, not the blind sort, but ‘enlightened belief’ based on knowledge and experience. The ideas below come from HPB, which combines some of her best answers on it.

    Yours ever, the AQ editors

    Q. What is it that a faith healer, when successful, practises upon himself; what tricks is he playing with his principles and with his Karma?

    ANS. Imagination is a potent help in every event of our lives. Imagination acts on Faith and both are the draughtsmen who prepare the sketches for Will to engrave, more or less deeply, on the rocks or obstacles and opposition with which the path of life is strewn.

    Says Paracelsus: “Faith must confirm the imagination, for faith establishes the will. . . . Determined will is the beginning of all magical operations. . . . It is because men do not perfectly imagine and believe the result, that the arts (of magic) are uncertain, while they might be perfectly certain.” This is all the secret. Half, if not two-thirds of our ailings and diseases are the fruit of our imagination and fears. Destroy the latter and give another bent to the former, and nature will do the rest.

    There is nothing sinful or injurious in the methods per se. They turn to harm only when belief in his power becomes too arrogant and marked in the faith healer, and when he thinks he can will away such diseases as need, if they are not to be fatal, the immediate help of expert surgeons and physicians.



  3. Descartes may have been correct about the pineal gland. However, he seems to have misunderstood the notion that animals have feelings. Because of him they did surgery on dogs and considered their howls of pain the same as a chicken with its head cut off. Animals, said Descartes, are machines. They feel no pain — they have no soul. Fortunately, we no longer see animals in that perspective.


    • Yes, thank you Joan.

      We didn’t have room enough to elaborate on Descartes.

      Evidently, “soul” meant mind as understood by most physiologists and psychologists today, as well as an immaterial principle of immortality. Viewing it as a psyche without religious implications, Descartes contended that animals did not have “souls.” They were merely machines, requiring nothing more than their own “works” to make them go. In his own words: “There is no need to conceive in it [the animal] another soul, vegetative or sensitive, nor any other principle of movement and of life except the blood and the animal spirits agitated by the heat which burns continually in its breast” — an obvious echo of what he learnt among his Jesuit friends at his college, Le Fleche. To account for man’s particular qualities, which are mental, man was thought of as “a mental animal,” a conception which has remained virtually unchanged to the present day, notwithstanding the fact to which H. P. Blavatsky made pointed reference:

      “It may be objected, perhaps, that instinct cannot be a spiritual gift, because animals possess it in a higher degree than man, and animals have no souls. Such a belief is erroneous and based upon very insecure foundations. It came from the fact that the inner nature of the animal could be fathomed still less than that of man, who is endowed with speech and can display to us his psychological powers.” (Isis Unveiled, I, 426-7.)

      H.P.B. emphasized the interdependence of all living things:

      “Descartes denied soul to the animal; Leibnitz endowed, as the Occultists do, ‘the whole creation with mental life, this being, according to him, capable of infinite gradations.’ And this, as Merz justly observes, ‘at once widened the realm of mental life, destroying the contrast of animate and inanimate matter….'”

      That these matters are still the subject of argument is a tribute to the vitality of the esoteric teachings.


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