A Solar Puzzle

TODAY marks the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the return of an ancient solar festival.

Significantly there will also be a total lunar eclipse, lending additional power and importance to this cycle.

The Earth, Moon and Sun will be lined up together with the Earth in the middle — say, between a rock and a hot place? 😉

“With Mercury Retrograde, and Pluto thrown into the mix,” astrologer Lauren counsels, “we have a lot of healing, renewing, and rebuilding energy.”

“It’s time to throw out the old and make way for the new,” she says.

It is both the Sun, Theosophy teaches, and our hearts, that are the great renewers. Each continuously radiates a mysterious force — indissolubly connected, they both have a similar physical and a spiritual function.

Occult astrology and astronomy identify many ancient temples, chambers and pyramids around the world as being connected to sun and moon symbology. Such sites and mounds are usually considered mere burial tombs by archeologists ignorant of the occult traditions.

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9 responses to “A Solar Puzzle

  1. Cute Orbs Odin. Love the sense of mystery which is to be known soon by all! The reason why we are here….


  2. Fascinating. We have so much to learn. We have so much absorb and comprehend. Just when we think we have answers, a hundred more questions follow.


  3. Fascinating videos of Newgrange at the Winter Solstice, the videos on the Central Spiritual Sun and the excellent commentary.

    All the hard work you put into the Theosophy Watch is very impressive.

    Thank you so much. And have a happy holiday season.


  4. It is a privilege to be able to read this material, but especially at this solemn time. Maybe next year we can all go to one of the Sacred Sites and witness the Great Moment together! I find the statement from the Rig Veda about the sun very moving – the potent blend of science, poetry, philosophy…our ancestors are so awesome…

    Clearly, the Celtic Women singers are pure channels, they make amazing, healing sounds, if anyone has seen the full concert on PBS…in my next lifetime I’d like very much to have one of those pure soprano voices! Happy Holidays everyone – God in our hearts, Light in control, LoveLivePeace, NAMASTE


  5. Hello, Odin,

    This is a marvelous work.
    I intend uploading it translated at my site.

    My best wishes for Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


  6. Not sure what to think about Nicholas Roerichs’ painting being obviously “tampered with,” The symbol that the Madonna is holding on the banner, intended by Roerich, is the Banner of Peace which had very high significance. I wish the painting on this site had not been changed …its like doing a song by an original artist, but changing it all up. The energy of it is totally altered. However, if I am wrong, and this is a lesser known version of the painting, still with Roerich’s intention intact, then my appologies. I am looking for a place on this site where credit is given to the artist, but do not see it.


    • Dear Pamela,
      Thank you for pointing out the error, Roerich’s original painting is now in place. We inadvertently loaded an adulterated image from Google, instead of going to the Roerich Museum site as we usually do.
      Many thanks to you for noticing this, and please accept our sincere apologies.
      The Editors


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