The Language of Life

BLIND chance could never on its own have produced a self-conscious thinking human being, nor would it have any reason for doing so.

Because for the random neo-Darwinist evolution machinery, an underlying intelligence is not necessary.

But intelligence, whatever one calls the force, undeniably exists. The paradoxes of self-consciousness evident in human nature are challenging to materialism—especially the concept of personal responsibility.

But just like every caterpillar’s solo struggle to grow wings and fly, with the progressive development of awareness of truth, and individual spiritual growth, H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

“the true Adept must become,
he cannot be made.”

Please note this post has been updated and republished at the following link:

The Organizing Self


2 responses to “The Language of Life

  1. A acquaintance of mine has a website that is dedicated to educating the world about puppy mills. I visited your site and appreciate what you are doing. Too many individuals don’t realize how much animal cruelty is going on nowadays. Thanks for aiding the cause.


  2. If indeed there is karmic and cosmic law it is a seed planted long ago that we now manipulate and control. We as in life. We remain guided, there are messengers, and perhaps the messengers evolve as we do. A reactive/interactive and maturing life (?). We now manufacture the DNA.

    In altered states I’ve searched for evolution. I cannot find the moment of evolution. I slide into worlds/life coexisting with our own. If there was a plan, the plan makers observe, and messengers guide. We are now in the driving seat. We create the future.


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