Separation Syndrome

TODAY humanity is divided into sects and cults, castes, creeds and classes, religious denominations and political ideologies. Instead of being bearers of love and cooperation, we still engage in criticizing, opposing and attacking each other.

A united world has been the hope of humanity for ages. Poets and philosophers have dreamed of it. Statesmen and politicians are trying to find a solution to the great problem of disunity.

They have not succeeded because the approach is usually reductionist instead of holistic. Our obsession with the trees of sectarian differences and selfish, materialistic agendas, we never see the forest as whole.

It is not through legislatures that harmony and peace can be established between different nations. What is needed is a sea change of mind and heart, a basis of universal ideas and facts as given out by the great spiritual teachers down the ages.

Mme. Blavatsky, in her Key to Theosophy, Section 12, describes four Links of a Golden Chain that, if implemented, would bind humanity into one universal family. They are:

“Universal Unity and Causation – Human Solidarity – the Law of Karma – Reincarnation.”


“From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a rush-light, from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being,” Blavatsky memorably wrote (SD 1:604), “the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected.”

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Waking to God

4 responses to “Separation Syndrome

  1. Some time back you featured various healers. I went to Sedona on the 1. of June and experienced the healing power of Braco. I am very grateful to you to point out the way to this powerful experience – feeling the energy in person – was truly awesome.


  2. Hi Odin, thanks for this “wonderful” posting. The idea of “KNOWLEDGE OF THE NON-EXISTENT” sounds very interesting.


    • “Alaya” is everything, and no-thing (non-existent) at the same time, i.e. non-existent in the sense of being “no one thing in particular apart from other things.” This is the same as Krishna saying, “I established this whole universe with a single portion of myself, and remain separate” in Ch. 10 Bhagavad-Gita. That “separateness” is the “not being anything separate from everything.” This kind of knowledge is like the moon reflected in water, which is, yet is not, because only a reflection.


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