Wounded Souls

HUMAN casualties of war wear two opposite yet related faces — those who are injured and killed, and those who injure and kill them.

The devastation for both is long-lasting, evidence shows. Sometimes, as we will see, restoring spiritual peace and health for either side may involve lifetimes.

Wounds received on both sides transcend the body, although physical scars have been shown to bridge lifetimes. War experiences are deeply rooted, leaving souls in desperate need of emotional, and psycho-spiritual healing.

But surprisingly, sometimes just remembering, and owning a past life tragedy, can heal the effects of personal trauma.

One of H. P. Blavatsky’s most powerful stories, “Karmic Visions,” opens in a battle, with “a camp filled with war-chariots, neighing horses and legions of long-haired soldiers.”

An old gray-haired prophetess stands defiantly before her captor, the cruel Clovis, King of the Franks. Taunted by the woman, who refuses to tell where the enemy’s treasure is hidden, Clovis loses patience. The story goes that he kills her by angrily plunging his spear into the her throat.

An emotionally complex and tragic narrative of the reincarnation of Clovis follows this critical event— an object lesson of karmic consequences reaped by an tormented human soul.

“This remarkable and prophetic study of the workings of karmic law in European history from the fifth century onwards,” writes Katinka Hesselink, “was written by H. P. Blavatsky twenty-six years before the First World War of 1914-18.”

“Though not explicitly so stated, it is abundantly evident from the narrative that H.P.B. depicts the life and sufferings of Emperor Frederick III of Prussia,” Katinka explains, “who was the same individual who earlier inhabited the body of Clovis, King of the Franks.”

“The story was published the very month Emperor Frederick III passed away of incurable throat cancer, after a brief reign of only 99 days.”

“Our ‘dreams,’ being simply the waking state and actions of the true Self,” must have their record somewhere, Blavatsky writes in Transactions, 64.

“Read ‘Karmic Visions’ and note the description of the real Ego, sitting as a spectator of the life of the hero, and perhaps something will strike you.

– H. P. Blavatsky

A Healing Memory

The world’s leading scientific investigator of evidence for reincarnation was the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia.

“Stevenson has discovered that birthmarks and birth defects are often related to injuries sustained in the previous life,” David Pratt reports, in his review of Stevenson’s “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect” — “especially injuries associated with violent death. (Complete review here.)

Ian Stevenson, MD

A sick little boy, Edward Austrian, is healed after remembering his past life. In this video clip, the narrator comments:

“Many religions believe in reincarnation, but for most people raised as Christians it’s not something they expect.  So, when memories of past lives hit them, it can come as an unwelcome surprise.”

For more information about documented reincarnation cases visit:

Children’s Past Lives and Near-Death.com


OPERATION: Emotional Freedom

This groundbreaking documentary is a hard hitting look at the current state of health care for combat veterans in America diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder.) The film sets about examining the myths and misconceptions surrounding the medical/chemical approach to treating PTSD and why drugs are not “the answer” that pharmaceuticals promise.

“Instead, the film follows a group of volunteer vets and their families on a journey through a newer vision of health and healing for PTSD and trauma.”

OPERATION: Emotional Freedom puts forward The Answer to enabling dysfunctional lives to return to balance, peace and productivity.

The project is the culmination of a two year process to document an innovative therapy for treating the physical and emotional effects arising in an increasing number of combat veterans and their families.

The documentary produced by Skywriter Communications is now available for screenings and purchase.

Read more about the film



The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that more than 30 percent of Iraq returnees have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD expert and acclaimed author Dr. Edward Tick says the time to start healing is now.

The symptoms of PTSD—including suicide, homicide, criminal activities, domestic violence, substance abuse, and unstable families and jobs—: threaten not only veterans and their loved ones, but the health and stability of the entire country.

In this acclaimed 6-CD set, Dr. Tick reveals—in his own voice—that the key to healing is in how the individual understands PTSD. In modern warfare’s overwhelming violence, the soul, the true self flees and can become lost for life, thus creating an identity or “psycho-spiritual” disorder.

Edward Tick, PhD has been working with veterans and survivors of war, violence, and trauma since the late 1970s. He specializes in using psycho-spiritual, cross-cultural, and international reconciliation practices to help veterans and cultures heal.

Dr. Tick and his wife, Kate Dahlstedt, are directors of Sanctuary: A Center for Mentoring the Soul, and Soldier’s Heart® veterans’ safe-return programs, in Albany, N.Y. His other books include: The Golden Tortoise: Viet Nam Journeys(2005), The Practice of Dream Healing (2001), and Sacred Mountain: Encounters with the Vietnam Beast (1989).

Michael Abbatello

“It’s like you don’t really know your spirit until it’s been damaged. We don’t really have a consciousness of our own spirit until it’s wounded, and then it needs help,” says Michael Abbatello, who served in Afghanistan as a rifleman in a Marine Corps infantry line unit.

A Child’s
Memory of Dying

In his review of Ian Stevenson’s “Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect,” David Pratt comments:

“The very fact that the children involved in Stevenson’s investigations are able to recall details of their previous life is a sign that the cases are not entirely typical, for the ability to remember past lives is uncommon for the mass of humanity today.”

“Stevenson stresses that remembering a previous life is almost never a pleasant experience,” Pratt writes, noting that “the children concerned are often troubled by confusion regarding their identity, and sometimes feel a division of loyalties between present and previous families.”

“Fortunately, their memories of a past life tend to fade between the ages of 5 and 8.”


James Leininger

An amazing story about a reincarnated boy who had nightmares remembering his past life as a Navy pilot, and who was shot down. In the clip the new James meets up with an old friend, his former sister, and returns to the place where he died.  For more info on this subject, please visit the post Instant Healing.

David Pratt continues:

“Stevenson believes that reincarnation is a ‘third factor’ contributing to the formation of the human personality and certain physical features and abnormalities, and that it operates alongside genetics and environmental influences.

From a broader, theosophic perspective, on the other hand, genetic and environmental factors can be regarded as the karmic consequences of our thoughts and deeds in past lives.”


“In fact all our physical and mental characteristics can be viewed as ‘memories’ of previous incarnations.”

The Pollock Family

Another unusual case of reincarnation is that of twins, Jennifer and Gillian Pollock, born in 1958 in Hexham, England. The previous year, their mother’s two children had been killed in a car crash. Moving to Whitley Bay in the early sixties, Mrs Pollock re-visited Hexham and the twins seemed to recognise the place.

Later, sorting out some old toys, the twins recognised and named their dead sister’s dolls . It wasn’t long before they began discussing the crash – an event they supposedly knew nothing about.


Remembering Feelings

“As regards the workings of karma,” David Pratt continues, “Stevenson makes the following interesting comment”: ‘Readers of the numerous accounts of murders figuring in the cases I have already described will surely have noted that,

if we interpret these cases as instances of reincarnation, it is the reborn victim who has birth defects, not the murderer.”


‘This can offend our sense of justice. … In a very few cases that have come to my attention, however, a subject who remembered having been a malefactor has had an apparently related birth defect’ (p. 126).

“The cases Stevenson describes illustrate very clearly that feelings of sympathy and antipathy towards others are often closely bound up with events in past lives.

“For example, children may instinctively feel animosity and vengefulness toward people at whose hands they have suffered in their previous life. The animosity may generalize to other members of the same group.”

(Reincarnation and Biology)


“Come Ye Out”

(From related post: Separation Syndrome)

“The individual in race or nation is warned by this great doctrine [karma] that if he falls into indifference of thought and act, thus molding himself into the general average karma of his race or nation,” wrote W. Q. Judge — “that national and race karma will at last carry him off in the general destiny.

“This is why teachers of old cried, ‘Come ye out and be ye separate.’”

“With reincarnation, the doctrine of karma explains the misery and suffering of the world, and no room is left to accuse Nature of injustice.”


“For example, a child in India who remembers a previous life that ended in murder by a Moslem might show a hatred for all Moslems. It is easy to see how this could lead to a vicious karmic circle in which individuals, or groups of individuals, slug it out from life to life.

“This underlines the importance of spreading a proper understanding of karma, reincarnation, and the spiritual unity of all beings, for these teachings enable us to make sense of suffering, strengthen our ability to forgive, and encourage us to make universal brotherhood the keynote of our lives.”

– David Pratt

Yellow Ribbon Program

The transition back to regular duty or to civilian life is one of the focus areas. The program leads the way in innovative reintegration from the battlefield to the home front brought on by this era of continuing conflict.

A Universal God

“If there is a still greater absurdity than to speak of a cruel God it is to say that God — the Great Absolute Whole — could ever interfere in terrestrial human affairs. The infinite cannot associate with the finite ...

“It is omnipresent and latent in the Kosmos, infinite as itself. It is ‘Be-ness’ rather than Being.”

“This ‘Be-ness’ is symbolised in the Secret Doctrine under two aspects. On the one hand, absolute abstract Space, representing bare subjectivity — the one thing which no human mind can either exclude from any conception, or conceive of by itself.

“On the other, absolute Abstract Motion representing Unconditioned Consciousness.

“We find its only truly active manifestation in humanity as a whole, composed as it is of stray sparks — finite in their objective duration, eternal in their essence —  issuing from that Hearth without beginning or end.”

“Therefore, the only God whom we should serve is Humanity, and our only cult should be the love of our fellow man.”

– H. P. Blavatsky

3 responses to “Wounded Souls

  1. Karma is a deep well. It’s not possible to judge cursorily the why’s and how’s of things. The Soul is imperishable so it is not capable of being wounded as such.Yes, but absence of love–a soul’s life-force can lead the personality into not tuning into its soul, and sinking into a negative and destructive quagmire — wreaking havoc on itself and on others around. We must love one another. Love alone has the power to heal and bring peace. We save ourselves by loving others. And thus to learn love’s deeper, and more difficult lesson, of loving the unlovable.


  2. Joann Mary Pelliccia

    “The mind is an unforgiving monster” When trauma shows it ugly face again, even in the smallest of fractions, all those that we have experienced in our lifetime, resurface to turn that current hurt (sorrow) into a cancer that grows larger with each day. Until, something comes along to destroy that virus. All that is good within ourselves; words of comfort, actions of love, and a sincere “I am sorry” and reparation can only return the peace lost. “All the traumas that we experience in this life are mostly due to that which we bring upon ourselves, by choice, and that which others have reaped upon us ” Angels, Spirits or whatever the term, watching over us? I don’t think so! If that be the case then there will be, not one child lost to murder by any so called “human” creation.


  3. The Seth Material has in depth discussion of the Soul. Treating of its eternal and all pervasive qualities, it is not capable of being wounded as such. The word is used in most cases quite randomly and not in relationship to personality, ego, sub conscious, inner ego. In the Seth material the word, entity is substituted for soul so to avoid the possessive interests of religions and spiritualists.


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