Soul and Shadow

NEARLY all of us humans, occult teachers say, are inexorably reincarnated into new lives of earth, yet invisibly clothed in myriads of memories from the past.

These include snippets of our innate ideas, haunting images of unrealized aspirations and desires, and our unresolved fears.

These torn pages of personal history are the underlying drivers that steer our reincarnations. This is Karma, reincarnation’s unerring “twin doctrine.”

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5 responses to “Soul and Shadow

  1. Thank you for the inspiring messages and pictures that engages one’s spirituality. I also appreciate your emphasis in finding our true selves. Thanks for the great read.


  2. To me, this posting is just breathtaking. How simple and yet how incredibly difficult it is to attain such a consciousness. The absolute privelege of having the Darshan of His Holiness, overwhelmed with compassion! We are all so blessed for this. Just astounding…thank you thank you thank you..there are two books I’d love to recommend; His Holiness The Dalai Llama’s book, “The Wisdom of Forgiveness”, and “Practicing Peace In Times of War” by Pema Chodron. Tibetan Buddhism is just sublime. And Ho’ oponopono (hope I got that right) just amazing…thank you so much for this…certainly beats feeling powerless in a very practical way. I am looking forward to that time when I can at least fathom letting go of my intense attachment to peanut butter…whew!

    Namaste Everyone!


  3. Very Interesting. I have a question. Are all the videos going to be on Adobe Flash in the future? If so, I need help installing it.


  4. Heaven knows you’ve had a glimpse
    There’s been a revolution
    though you stood still, did not revolt
    yet purified the pollution


  5. Joann Mary Pelliccia

    A line quoted by Katherine Hepburn in old movie:
    “Life leaves behind a trail of debris (rubbish).”


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