WILLIAM BLAKE might have felt more comfortable in our century, surrounded by more like-minded souls than during his time when materialism was burgeoning.

There are more and more scientists, artists, and spiritual thinkers today who, like Blake, see what other people do not see.

Thought leaders in science are realizing that all beings, from an atom to a man, are submerged and unified in one universal divine intelligence. We are all “One Being.”

Many are realizing the truth of Blake’s poem “a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower.”

“Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,” Blake wrote, visioning a profound occult truth. It’s like “eternity in an hour,” he said — mooting thereby the uniqueness of relativity or quantum physics.

“The Observer Effect”

A commonly debated use of the term refers to quantum mechanics, where, if the outcome of an event has not been observed, it exists in a state of ‘superposition’, which is akin to being in all possible states at once. An atom’s position is only determined, the conundrum says, when it is measured.

In the famous thought experiment known as Schrödinger’s cat, the cat is supposedly neither alive nor dead until observed. However, most quantum physicists, in resolving Schrödinger’s seeming paradox, now understand that the acts of ‘observation’ and ‘measurement’ must also be defined in quantum terms before the question makes sense.

From this point of view, there is no ‘observer effect’, only one vastly entangled quantum system, as summed up by H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine (1:272) as:

“One homogeneous divine Substance-Principle,
the one radical cause.”

In Two Places at the Same Time?

New Ideas are Accepted in Stages

In the Introduction to “The Conscious Universe,” senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, describes how the acceptance of a new idea occurs in four stages.

First, skeptics “confidently proclaim that the idea is impossible because it violates the Laws of Science” — second, “skeptics reluctantly concede that the idea is possible but that it is not very interesting” and its effects are extremely weak — third, the mainstream realizes the importance of the idea and “that its effects are much stronger and more pervasive than previously imagined.”

“And fourth, those who were originally skeptical now, ‘proclaim that they thought of it first.’ With psi, we are currently in the most important and the most difficult of the four transitions — from Stage 1 into Stage 2.”

While the idea of a conscious or noetic universe is ancient, “it has taken more than a century to demonstrate it conclusively in accordance with rigorous, scientific standards,” Radin asserts — “This demonstration has accelerated Stage 2 acceptance, and Stage 3 can already be glimpsed on the horizon.”

The Science of  Psi

The Noetic Post

“All truth passes through three stages:
First, it is ridiculed;
Second, it is violently opposed; and
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)


A new Bulletin from the Institute of Noetic Sciences

Click below to download your free copy:

Fall/Winter09-10, Volume One, Number One


“Thoughts Are Things”

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought,” says the opening verse of Buddha’s teaching in The Dhammapada — thoughts have the power to seal our future:

“… all that we are is founded on our thoughts and formed of our thoughts.”

Louise Hay:

“Most of us don’t pay any attention
to what we’re thinking.”

Theosophy maintains there is a higher, directing power, above the intellect – the brain mind. It is this power which orchestrates our future, even if we only think like automatons. We are ‘thought producers,’ occultism says, and just as one of Blavatsky’s Teachers wrote:  “Thoughts are things,” and they

“… have tenacity, coherence, and life — they are real entities.”

The Abyss in a Grain of Sand

H. P. Blavatsky in Isis Unveiled quotes at length from Father Felix, agreeing with the eminent monk:

“… who has sounded to the bottom the abyss in a grain of sand? The grain of sand, gentlemen, has been studied four thousand years by science, she has turned and returned it; she divides it and subdivides it — she torments it with her experiments — she vexes it with her questions to snatch from it the final word as to its secret constitution — she asks it, with an insatiable curiosity: ‘Shall I divide thee infinitesimally?’

“Then, suspended over this abyss, science hesitates, she stumbles, she feels dazzled, she becomes dizzy, and, in despair says: I DO NOT KNOW!”

Transforming our Daily Toxicity

Unless we transform our selfish, consumerist thinking, Annie Leonard says, we may never be free of the toxic chemicals used in everyday products. From Free Range Studio and “The Story of Stuff” comes the newest video: The Story of Cosmetics! It exposes the toxic chemicals used, and the failure of the FDA to regulate these chemicals. See article about Annie Leonard on front page of the LA Times.

An Evidence-Based Spirituality
for the 21st Century

Charles Tart, Ph.D

One of the founders of the branch of psychology known as Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Charles Tart’s life work has to do with putting forward an “evidence-based spirituality for the 21st century.”

In this conversation, Buddhist Geeks explores Dr. Tart’s evidence for phenomena like reincarnation — as well as the “big five” of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, and psychic healing.

With all of these phenomena Charles warns about adopting a “scientistic”— as opposed to scientific — view of reality, which says that none of those things can be real, simply because they don’t fit into the mainstream view of materialism.

Instead, Tart suggests we should be looking at the evidence and letting it shape our understanding of reality.

Click to play interview:

July 12, 2010 with Charles Tart
Episode Links:


Subversive Thinking

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview with philosopher and writer Chris Carter

This is an interview for the Subversive Thinking Blog, with philosopher and author Chris Carter about consciousness, philosophy and parapsychology. Carter is author of the books Parapsychology and The Skeptics, and Science and the Near Death Experience (recently released). Read more…

The Tidal Wave

by H. P. Blavatsky

“Many are the honest, aspiring Souls now raising themselves like a dead wall against the torrent of the muddy waters of Materialism.

“The age of crass materialism, of Soul insanity and blindness, is swiftly passing away. A death struggle between Mysticism and Materialism is no longer at hand, but is already raging.

“—we hear a sound arising. Like a clear, definite, far-reaching note of promise, the voice of the great human Soul proclaims — in no longer timid tones — the rise and almost the resurrection of the human Spirit in the masses.”

“It is now awakening in the foremost representatives of thought and learning —  it speaks in the lowest as in the highest, and stimulates them all to action.

“The renovated, life-giving Spirit in man is boldly freeing itself from the dark fetters of the hitherto all-capturing animal life and matter.”

Ashok Gangadean on Deep Dialogue

Ashok Gangadean talks with Regina Meredith of the Conscious Media Network on Deep Dialogue. Go to Conscious Media Network for the full interview, free!

A World Transforming

Psychic and Noetic Sciences

Psychologists would have to recognize “a lower (animal), and a higher (or divine) mind in man,” Blavatsky wrote — “or what is known in Occultism as the ‘personal’ and the ‘impersonal’ Egos.”

” For, between the psychic and the noetic, between the personality and the individuality, there exists the same abyss as between a ‘Jack the Ripper,’ and a holy Buddha. Unless the psychologist accepts all this, he will ever be led into a quagmire.


“The word ‘noetic’ comes from the ancient Greek nous, for which there is no exact equivalent in English,” says the Institute of Noetic Sciences, “refers to ‘inner knowing,’ a kind of intuitive consciousness — direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses and the power of reason.”


“Noetic sciences are explorations into the nature and potentials of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing—including intuition, feeling, reason, and the senses. Noetic sciences explore the ‘inner cosmos’ of the mind (consciousness, soul, spirit) and how it relates to the ‘outer cosmos’ of the physical world.”

Delusion or Spirit

“Psychism, with all its allurements and all its dangers, is necessarily developing among you, and you must beware lest the Psychic outruns the Manasic [higher mind] and Spiritual development.

“Psychic capacities held perfectly under control, checked and directed by the Manasic principle, are valuable aids in development.”

“But these capacities running riot, controlling instead of controlled, using instead of being used, lead the Student into the most dangerous delusions and the certainty of moral destruction.

“Watch therefore carefully this development, inevitable in your race and evolution-period, so that it may finally work for good and not for evil…”

– H. P. Blavatsky
Fifth Annual American Convention

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