New Spiritual Patterns 2

DURING critical awakening moments in our spiritual development, we sometimes receive timely messages in our personal consciousness.

More often than not they arrive in symbolic form, and in dreams or visions, challenging our brain dominated mind.

This is because, Theosophy says, our inner, reincarnating self is not here alone. It was chosen by the Higher Self to be its “terrestrial abode.”

In the crop formation above, discovered in Northdowns, Wiltshire, UK on August 13, 2010, we can clearly imagine the rays from the Spiritual Sun interacting with the mortal human beings below.

This occult process is described by The Secret Doctrine in metaphysical terms, how our inner child

“is drawn into the one and highest beam of the Parent-Sun.”

It is this spiritual evolution of the inner, immortal — now semi-awakened aspect of our nature, the teaching says — which is the “fundamental tenet in the Occult Sciences.”

The closer our personal self gets to our Higher Self, true occultism says, the more harmonious outcome in life for a human selves.

A direct effect of an increased harmony between the Arjuna and Krishna in us, that altruism eventually becomes the ruling factor in our life. This altruism or unselfishness is an “integral part of self-development,” as described in a previous post, when acceptance is willing and unforced.

What on Earth?

Barely visible from the ground, often appearing in remote fields,  the breathtaking geometry, and artistry of these crop circles is fully revealed — symbolically and literally — only from above. Is it our limited materialistic world views that are failing us in understanding these formations?


The Circle Makers, significantly, impress their spiritual designs into the crop fields never causing injury to the living canvas.

The analogy applies equally to human selves who voluntarily align with what’s called the “Self-god.” Our human “rays” or plants blend into and become one with the energy of the greater design.

Another way of explaining it, is that our spiritual eye is gradually opened onto this material plane, and merging with the human eye, we never see things quite the same way again — our human nature has become gradually remodeled. As described in The Secret Doctrine, the human is continuously reborn being

“Drawn higher and ever higher to the ray that supersedes the first,”

Following the July 9th 3D circle at Cley Hill, shown in Part 1, another amazing formation, this time a 4D Crop Circle, was found on July 17, 2010 at Fosbury, Wiltshire, UK.

The Amazing Tesseract

The Tesseract is 4 Dimensional cube, i.e a cube within a cube. A Tesseract relates to a cube as a cube relates to a square. Every corner of the Tesseract or larger cube is connected to the smaller cube inside. Also referred to as a Hypercube. The number four or square relates to earth or physical bodies. In this design may also depict Earths magnetic field.

Spiritual Geometry

“The equinoxes and solstices, the periods and various phases of the Solar course, astronomically and numerically expressed, are only the concrete symbols of the eternally living verity, though they do seem abstract ideas to uninitiated mortals,” explains Blavatsky.

Universal Prototypes

The ‘Sun wheel’ crop formation above is 300 feet across, and was created near Silbury Hill, August  3-4, 2004. This formation appeared in outline the first night, and was completed the next night. The crop circle formations follow the occult laws concerning prototypes.

“The prototypes or ideas of things, exist first on the plane of Divine eternal Consciousness,” H. P. Blavatsky instructs her students, in private classes transcribed in Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge,

“and from there, these are reflected on our Earth plane of life.”

“Thus, ‘the events of humanity do run coordinately with the number forms,’ since the single units of that humanity proceed one and all from the same source — the central and its shadow, the visible Sun,” Blavatsky wrote in The Secret Doctrine 1:639.

According to The Secret Doctrine, this explains “the extraordinary numerical coincidences with geometrical relations.”

Science will never understand mysteries of the spiritual and terrestrial aspects of human beings, on this plane of life, if it rejects, Blavatsky explains:

“…the evidence of the oldest records in the world, and refuses from the hand of the legitimate Guardians of the mysteries of Nature the key to Universal Symbology.”

Research on Crop Circles

Nancy Talbott of BLT Research Team Inc., explains the research on plant abnormalities in the crop circles, and the indicators evidencing a plasma discharge as the energy method used.

We are, in our ultimate essence, beings of light. This existence, like the dreamless state we enter every night, can only be faintly symbolized on our brain-plane of perception, remembered as symbolic dream ideas on waking.

In our present undeveloped condition, the knowledge of the dreamless state is not accessed through direct recollection or remembrance, but is only a “reminiscence.”

As explained in Isis Unveiled 1:xiv, the purpose of deep meditational and sleep states, is to “arouse in us the reminiscence of that higher world that we once inhabited.”

New Swirled Order

Part 2 (of 3)

The “Seven Sons”

“By means of other, yet undiscovered keys, with regard to Humanity,” Blavatsky writes, “the ‘Seven Sons’ and their numberless emanations — centres of energy personified — are an absolute necessity.”

“Make away with them, and the mystery of Being and Mankind will never be unriddled, not even closely approached.”

Each of our seven inner “sheaths,” or states of consciousness, say these teachings, is a “ray” from one of those “seven sons.”

Symbolized as spiritual prototypes, or hierarchies, they are apparently real beings, interwoven with the consciousness of the Earth.


This esoteric philosophy is delivered as usual, in a uniquely mystical and symbolic language in The Secret Doctrine 1:430:

“It is then only in this ‘light’ (of consciousness) of mental and physical perception, that practical Occultism can throw this into visibility by geometrical figures.”

“When closely studied [the light of the Logos] will yield,” Blavatsky concludes,

“a scientific explanation of the real, objective, existence of the “Seven sons of the divine Sophia.”


The Heavenly Man

by William Quan Judge
From “The Ocean of Theosophy” (Excerpt)

ALTHOUGH reincarnation is the law of nature, the complete trinity of Atma-Buddhi-Manas does not yet fully incarnate in this race. They use and occupy the body by means of the entrance of Manas, the lowest of the three, and the other two shine upon it from above, constituting the God in Heaven.

This was symbolized in the old Jewish teaching about the Heavenly Man who stands with his head in heaven and his feet in hell. That is, the head Atma and Buddhi are yet in heaven, and the feet, Manas, walk in hell, which is the body and physical life.


Formation at Hillfort, Wiltshire, May 16, 2010


For that reason man is not yet fully conscious, and reincarnations are needed to at last complete the incarnation of the whole trinity in the body. When that has been accomplished the race will have become as gods, and the godlike trinity being in full possession the entire mass of matter will be perfected and raised up for the next step.

This is the real meaning of “the word made flesh.” It was so grand a thing in the case of any single person, such as Jesus or Buddha, as to be looked upon as a divine incarnation. And out of this, too, comes the idea of the crucifixion, for Manas is thus crucified for the purpose of raising up the thief to paradise.


To be continued in Part 3

5 responses to “New Spiritual Patterns 2

  1. Wonderful blog


  2. Based on the beauty and intricaticity of the crop circles, it would seem that higher a spiritual consciousness is at work. Has there been any explanation of what some of these mandalas (prototypes) are communicating?


  3. Laura Leshchiner

    It’s great! I never cease to wonder about the complexity and beauty of crop circles. Look at Tesseract! Thanks Odin, so much! I would like to share it with my Russian friends on ESPAVO – there are more than 1500 of them there who are spiritually advanced and sensitive human beings.


  4. Once again a great post… thanks!


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