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New Spiritual Patterns 3

Celtic Woman

MANY people believe that crop formations carry a symbolically encoded message.

As with mythology, symbolism appeals to our imagination and is open to different interpretations.

But most researchers would agree that crop formations are ‘mandalas of hope’ for our troubled world, Theosophy writer David Pratt reports in his article “Crop Circles and their Message.”

Pratt theorizes “the basic element of crop glyphs is the circle, which can symbolize unity, boundless space, and the universal creative spirit or godforce.”

“Crop circles with rings and satellite circles sometimes resemble diagrams of the chemical elements, with their orbiting electrons.”

“Tacitly admitting the All-Presence of the boundless Circle and making of it the universal Postulate upon which the whole of the manifested universe is based,” Blavatsky explains in The Secret Doctrine

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