Lighted from Within

HALLOWEEN is an annual holiday observed on October 31, primarily in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Known also as a harvest festival, called Samhain (“Summer’s End”), it is rooted in Celtic polytheism. The word is also the Irish and Scottish Gaelic name for November.

It was the beginning of a “darker” season on Earth, with less sunlight and shorter days. In place of the usual psychic horrors and scary costumes, we chose instead to consider the symbol of an inner or spiritual sun, represented by a flaming candle placed inside the pumpkin.

Samhain is similar to the Gothic samana, and the Sanskrit sámana. The Hindu God Krishna, symbol of the Higher Self, notably incarnates cyclically at mankind’s darkest times.

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Animals Have Souls


4 responses to “Lighted from Within

  1. We are supposed to take care of them, not exploit them. They’re souls are evolving too, and we are supposed to help them along, although in many cases, it seems to be just the opposite. A great opportunity for love to manifest, our relationship with the animal kingdom.


  2. Patricia Natchie

    All this is true and good. Another aspect of these ideas is the question of the use of medications tested on, or even extracted from the bodies of our “little brothers and sisters”. Can good come from the ‘evil’ of pain and suffering?
    It is well known that innovations in medical equipment and surgical procedures, as well as neurological research all involve the animal kingdom. Shall we benefit from their use? It is a more difficult question than ‘cruelty free beauty’ or household products, is it not?


  3. Only on the day when the Church accepts the existence of soul in animals can there be any hope for these helpless beings.


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