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Seeing and Believing

MOST of us are so preoccupied with future expectations, we fail to see what’s right in front of us.

A famous attention experiment at Harvard showed that many people missed seeing a 200-pound gorilla walking through a small group of basketball players.

Not so for a clinically blind man, who clearly saw what he should not have seen. Surprised science writer, Andrea Gawrylewski, reporting in The Scientist, described the experiment, and wondered:

“How much can you see with a non-functioning visual cortex?”


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Nature’s Human Magnets 2

WE are surrounded today by untold numbers and varieties of energy-intensive, man-made machines and gadgets.

We are besieged by these machines all day, they rule life in the developed world.

These products range from the hardly necessary to the  indispensable, and all are actively in use. From automatic can openers to cardiac pacemakers, to video games, to our beloved cell phones and computers.

But the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that spin off from them, it turns out, are our developed society’s price-to-pay for its ever-throbbing, artificial world.

Many readers will recall Rachel Carson’s comfort zone shattering expose Silent Spring, which documented the world-wide destructive effects of pesticide use, notably DDT.

Her research launched what has become finally the well regulated and thankfully popular  organic food industry.


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Flesh of My Flesh

BECAUSE all organisms are related through similarities in DNA sequences, the whole of nature could be really one family.

New insights of epigenetics have lead to a revolutionary view of human biology. Theosophy concurs with many of these new findings.

“The failures of science and its arbitrary assumptions,” Blavatsky says in The Secret Doctrine (2:670), “are far greater on the whole than any ‘extravagant’ esoteric doctrine.”

The traditional geneticist’s view of evolution “is from the animal,” she reminds us, and “mind in its various phases” is viewed, erroneously, as completely separate from matter.

It follows, then, that the identical genes that were in our ancestor’s bodies, that Blavatsky called “The Life Atoms” —”are transmitted through their descendants for generation after generation…

“…so that we are literally ‘flesh of the flesh’ of the primeval creature who has developed into man in the later period.”


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