Flesh of My Flesh

BECAUSE all organisms are related through similarities in DNA sequences, the whole of nature could be really one family.

New insights of epigenetics have lead to a revolutionary view of human biology. Theosophy concurs with many of these new findings.

“The failures of science and its arbitrary assumptions,” Blavatsky says in The Secret Doctrine (2:670), “are far greater on the whole than any ‘extravagant’ esoteric doctrine.”

The traditional geneticist’s view of evolution “is from the animal,” she reminds us, and “mind in its various phases” is viewed, erroneously, as completely separate from matter.

It follows, then, that the identical genes that were in our ancestor’s bodies, that Blavatsky called “The Life Atoms” —”are transmitted through their descendants for generation after generation…

“…so that we are literally ‘flesh of the flesh’ of the primeval creature who has developed into man in the later period.”


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3 responses to “Flesh of My Flesh

  1. “It is an occult law that no man can rise superior to his individual failings without lifting, be it ever so little, the whole body of which he is an integral part.” – H. P. BLAVATSKY


  2. Thank you for this posting, sobering indeed. HPB and the teachings certainly do make the case for Individuality. And the idea that karma does not predestine is I think sometimes confused with the idea of karmic Law. And the statement that we “own” whatever is the plight of the collective really goes to the heart…we are our own ghosts, our own ancestors, ultimately…Namaste, All.


  3. Beautifully put together for all to plainly understand….its universal humane rights that allow us unitedly to bow in humble service to each other; in the greater service to ourselves as a whole. Karma is the Dharma.


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