All One Being 2

CONSCIOUSNESS is at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives.

Knowing nothing of its spiritual essence, we reduce consciousness to its various ‘states’ — waking, sleeping, intuitive, meditating, angry, depressed, happy or sad.

We experience perhaps hundreds of such random cognitive and emotional states every day.

But because nature is only judged by science “through her appearance,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote, “that appearance is always deceitful on the physical plane.” And she adds that Science:

“refuses to blend physics with metaphysics, the body with its informing soul and spirit, which they prefer ignoring.”


Nevertheless, physics and metaphysics were once deeply entwined, resulting in the natural philosophy of the Greeks — now given the cold shoulder by a science that defers to computer simulations, and giant machines.

The Secret Doctrine, (Esoteric science), on the other hand, reconciles the body-mind being, establishing a substrate spiritual root that it calls collectively, BE-NESS. The esoteric wisdom “checks the discoveries of modern exact science, 

“and shows some of them to be necessarily correct, since they are found corroborated in the ancient records.”


The ancients recognized that all life is suffused with ‘god-particles’ due to the ubiquity of a metaphysical One Absolute BE-NESS — “the first fundamental axiom of the Secret Doctrine.”

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One response to “All One Being 2

  1. Just amazing. Just when I think I understand the First Fundamental in the Secret Doctrine, I get a jolt, and get to understand it in some new way…Chock full of incredible information. Chopra’s explanation firmly puts forth the case for giving ourselves a strong tie to Spirit that feeds every part of our being. Who knew our potential for happiness could be so all-inclusive, given the way we westerners think? Also, how neat to get a “peek” at such a great institution of higher learning – and regarding spiritual matters, at that! Thank you…Namaste


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