A Coherent World

THE Cheyenne say that “our first teacher is our own heart,” but mainstream science offers few apples to that master instructor.

To Western medical schools the heart is only a mechanical blood pump.

That view is beginning to change. The medical community is being challenged to expand its thinking about human biology, health, and wellness.

Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and biocentrism all point in the same direction — showing we are more than just our bodies are more than physical molecules and chemicals.

Explaining why and how we are more, H. P. Blavatsky asserts in The Secret Doctrine (2:149) that “The whole issue of the quarrel between the profane and the esoteric sciences,”

“… depends upon the belief in, and demonstration of, the existence of an astral body within the physical, the former independent of the latter.”

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6 responses to “A Coherent World

  1. Ah, wonderful link, thanks. Have you heard about the experiments done with bottled spring water ? I think it was a Japanese photographer who did them: he bottled spring water, then wrote words on the bottles. On one set of bottles was written violent, or angry words: HATE, KILL, MURDER, etc. On the other he wrote words like gratitude, love, kindness. Then he photographed the water molecules inside the bottles. The results are Astonishing. The power of words, even as symbol, is profoundly misunderstood.

    But back to the heart for a moment: from a book I’m currently reading, Kim Rosen’s “Saved By a Poem”:

    ‘The ancient Greeks believed that memory resided in the physical heart, along with intelligence and feelings. Our word ‘record’ usually used in reference to some sophisticated piece of technology echoes back to that wisdom. It is built of the prefix re-, meaning ‘again’, and the word ‘cor’ which means ‘heart. A mechanical recording device is actually an artificial replica of that organic chalice of memory we all have: the heart’.

    She goes on to say: ‘A good poem, like the shaman’s drum, rattle, and song, changes consciousness. When you enter the world of a poem, whether through reading it, hearing it, or speaking it aloud, you make yourself available to its spell. In the sense that a poem alters consciousness, it is a spell. But in another sense, it is quite the opposite of a spell. A poem alters consciousness back to its natural state, prior to patterning. Instead of a spell, it is a spell-breaker.’

    The book is about reading poems, and coming to know them ‘by heart’, through the breath, and with the body, as the ancients knew, rather than through ‘memorization’, or cerebral funnels: it is about allowing poetry to serve us as medicine, guide, shaman, healer. You would find riches in this book, and many intriguing blendings of the mystic and the ‘scientific’. I recommend !

    If ever I can be of use in offering research, appropriate quotes, passages from literature, or sacred texts, for a specific topic and how poetry and incantation might be related to it, feel free to ask. My studies and interests lie in those areas where theosophy and language, or poetry, meet, and knock us off our feet …
    Namaste –


    • The work with water crystals created through thought and emotions, is the groundbreaking work of Masaru Emoto. We covered Emoto’s work in a number of posts. Check the following titles: Karma, Timely Prophesy, The Soul of Things, Does Mind Over Matter, Reflecting Pool, and Thoughts That Count. Emoto’s work was greatly enhanced by being in a scene of the movie “What the Bleep.” See YouTube clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWAuc9GIvFo

      I’m very interested in doing a blog on poetry and Theosophy, and will write you privately to discuss further. Thanks Wendy, Namaste!


  2. Coming to this place gentles me, every time. Knowing what we know, not what we think, but what we deeply know, about the heart as emperor, or sage, about compassion, not as attribute, but as law of laws, we can only marvel that we ever forget, become disillusioned, become cynical. A friend recently told me that she had a strong sense that when she died it would be of a heart attack. ‘I find this comforting’, she said, ‘first there is the shock of it, the lightning strike, and then the reminder, the realization: ah, it really is all about the heart’. We all forget. We all have to keep reminding ourselves, must continue finding ways to remind ourselves. You are doing good works, works which remind and inspire, and for this I thank you, not from the bottom of my head, but from the bottom of my heart. Blessings,


  3. Beautiful and brilliant! I hope Helena and/or Odin will share this at the August International Theosophy conference at Julian (San Diego) in August. This will be fascinating for my Consciousness MeetUp. Is it ok to send the link to all of the MeetUp members ?


    • Honored if you shared with your MeetUp! Good idea about the Summer Conference at Julian — glad to share this post, or any other. Also hope to share what goes into developing and arranging a topic on TW.
      Thanks for your good thoughts,


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