A New Humanity

COMING to its senses from seeming insanity, a new humanity is “raising its voice” Theosophy declares.

The words signaled Helena Blavatsky’s welcome to an expected New Age of humanity, written more than a hundred years ago.

The world is trending today as she envisioned: “in those authoritative tones to which the men of old listened in reverential silence through incalculable ages.”

Characterizing this new humanity she described in her article “The Tidal Wave” how “the Spirit in man has returned like King Lear, from seeming insanity to its senses.”

She was not the first to acknowledge the arrival of a newly awakened humanity.


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One Love, One Truth

5 responses to “A New Humanity

  1. It is glorious to be alive at this time, when a new humanity is being born. Thank you for bringing so much good information on this ongoing process.


  2. With the tremendous strife and stresses going on in the world, it is sometimes hard to believe that this resurgence is taking place…but if the Theosophic idea of the duality of the universe is true, then it must be so that the opposite of what we see going on in the world must also be true – profound ignorance at work in some ways, but also profound wisdom in others…I guest we have to hold on to the plank! Namaste


  3. David Zimmerman

    Your more serious students might also be interested in the Life Work of Dr. Douglas Baker. You can find his works at http://www.douglasbaker.com
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  4. this is very important information. thankyou for this opportunity. joy


  5. In New Zealand, we’re beginning to explore what an Integral Theosophy might look like………
    Delighted to see this post, thankyou so much
    Linda Watts


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