Sacred Dawn

TODAY is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which means it’s the longest day of the year in 2011.

The exact moment of the solstice today will occur at 1:16 p.m. ET. In the Southern Hemisphere, today actually marks the 2011 winter solstice.

As with mythology, such traditions appeal to our imagination and are open to different interpretations.

“Although revolution and change often appear to be precipitated by things that happen to us from without,” theosophical astroblogger Lauren Coleman assures us:

“this process of revolution is also dependent on an inner evolution, an unfolding from within.”


“Heralding the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year,” writes astrologer Elaine Kalantarian, “the June solstice was called Midsummer by the Celts.”

Many people believe that the summer crop circles in Wiltshire UK carry a symbolically encoded message. (Click here, or on the photo below to view the latest circles.)


Symbology experts such as researcher Freddy Silva, imagine that the enigmatic designs in growing fields are sacred geometry, and may represent ‘mandalas of hope’ for our troubled world. 

Theosophical scholar, David Pratt, thinks so. In his engaging article “Crop Circles and their Message,” he theorizes: “The basic element of crop glyphs is the circle which can symbolize unity, boundless space, and the universal creative spirit or godforce.”

“Crop circles with rings and satellite circles sometimes resemble diagrams of the chemical elements, with their orbiting electrons.”


What on Earth?

“I never set out to be a filmmaker,” admits Suzanne Taylor. “But the moment I first witnessed the awesome mystery and beauty of the crop circles, everything changed. Somehow, the circles and their secrets filled me with a sense of wonder, of joy—and of hope (for myself, for humanity, for our world.) Above all, I was filled with the desire to share this incredible experience. With everyone. Everywhere.”

Circle Magic

“Tacitly admitting the All-Presence of the boundless Circle,” Blavatsky explains in The Secret Doctrine, and making it “the universal Postulate upon which the whole of the manifested universe is based:

“…the Sage keeps a reverential silence concerning that upon which no mortal men should dare to speculate.”


“Science has recently begun to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused,” writes Lynn Mctaggart in her ground-breaking book The Field, and admitting:

“…there may be such a thing
as a life force.”


Referring to this hidden life energy, H. P. Blavatsky named it “Fohat”— the Tibetan term for the conscious, energic or motion of the Supreme Spirit.

Blavatsky explained (SD 2:586), that when this force “crossed the Circle like two lines of flame, horizontally and vertically,” (notice the similarity of design in above crop formation photo), it symbolized that:

“…the hosts of the Blessed Ones have never failed to send their representatives upon the planets they are made to watch over from the beginning.”


Crop Circle Mystery

Leaving little to the imagination, a huge Celtic cross 640 feet wide with spiral internals appeared on August 15, 2008, in an Etchilhampton Hill wheat field near Devizes, Wiltshire, UK:

Sacred Symbology

Basic crop-circle designs, such as concentric rings linked with lines, are common in megalithic art. For example the one found at Knowth, Ireland (below) estimated to be 5,000 years old, is thought to be possibly a sundial or lunar calendar:

At the Summer Solstice a crop formation was discovered on Waden Hill, Wiltshire, UK June 21, 2003. The design appeared nearly identical to the sundial carved in the megalithic stone at Knowth – 10 centuries earlier!

Oliver’s Castle Sundial

Then, early in the 2007 season on April 15, a crop picture appeared at Oliver’s Castle (close to Roundway) in bright yellow rapeseed (see below).

The formation was a large round “outer disc”, with seven curved “waves” passing through it, and also appeared to represent a sundial.


The two young adventurers  in this next video, were determined to visit the formation close-up.

Rapeseed blossoms

Rapeseed blossoms

They saw for themselves that the heavy, brittle stalks had not been broken by human “planking.”

All the stems, they observed, were in fact magically “bent,” and the crop itself still living and growing — the unique, un-hoaxable signature of genuine formations, as this video proves:

Sacred Geometry

“Could this formation in fact be meant to represent a ‘megalithic sundial,’ like the kind that were built into stone at ancient sites in Ireland or England 5000 years ago?,” crop circle researcher Red Collie asks.

(See: Oliver’s Castle as a megalithic sundial and Geometric Analysis – Oliver’s Castle.)

Many glyphs encode the squaring of the circle, signifying the fusion of spirit and matter, David Pratt points out. “Sacred geometry has taken on a key role in the increasingly complex crop glyphs that have appeared since the early 1990s.

“I even found to my surprise that ‘waves’ similar to those shown at Oliver’s Castle,” Red Collie writes, “were seemingly carved at Newgrange into Kerbstone 52:

“Civilisation has ever developed the physical and the intellectual at the cost of psychic and spiritual,” Blavatsky writes in Vol. II, p.319 of The Secret Doctrine.

” The command over and the guidance of ones own psychic nature, which foolish men now associate with supernatural,” she says:

“…were in the early humanity innate and congenital, and came to man as naturally as walking and thinking.”


Silent Knowing


Most notable at Newgrange, a huge neolithic passage-mound, are the engravings of infinite spirals.

What is demonstrated most clearly at this sacred site is the ancient builders’ ability to precisely measure the solar year.

“A small dagger of sunlight travels along the passage floor into the central chamber for exactly 17 minutes during the Winter Solstice.“


People gather at Newgrange at dawn on each of the mornings from December 18th to December 23rd inclusive. Sunrise is at 8.58am.

Forgotten Race

Newgrange is performed by the all-female musical ensemble Celtic Woman, conceived and assembled by Sharon Browne,and David Downes, a former musical director of the Irish stage show Riverdance.


There is a place on the east
Mysterious ring, a magical ring of stones
The druids lived here once, they said
Forgotten is the race that no one knows

The circled tomb of a different age
Secret lines carved on ancient stones

Heroic kings laid down to rest
Forgotten is the race that no one knows

Wait for the sun on a winter’s day
And a beam of light shines across the floor
Mysterious ring, a magical ring
Forgotten is the race that no one knows!


“If the arrangements of circles, rings, bars, avenues, claws, etc. found in the complex pictograms of the early 1990 crop formations, represent a precise symbolic language, says David Pratt, yet no one has managed to decipher it.”


“Spiral evolution, it must be remembered, is dual,” Blavatsky writes in Isis Unveiled and the Vishishtadwaita, an  article on the spiritual metaphysics underpinning evolution:

“…and the path of spirituality turns, corkscrew-like, within and around physical, semi-physical, and supra-physical evolution.”

Since the late 1970s the number of circles has increased dramatically, especially in the southern English counties of Wiltshire and Hampshire, and the designs have become increasingly elaborate.

It is noteworthy, Pratt says, that “some of these crop designs also appear in ancient petroglyphs,” seen in this ancient Native American grouping of glyphs below.

The Sacred Sites

Stonehenge, Woodhenge, Avebury, Stanton Drew are part of a much vaster sacred complex than any one of them separately. Perhaps this ancient spiritual landscape is the underlying inspiration that drives each year the enigmatic creations of the mysterious Circle Makers.

A partial view of Salisbury Plain with Stonehenge in the distance, dwarfed by this magnificent crop formation in yellow flowered canola.

“Footage of the second crop circle to appear in the UK,  located at Stonehenge in Wiltshire,” reports veteran crop circle photographer Steve Alexander. “The formation was found on the 9th May 2010 in oilseed rape (canola).”

“The formation was 500ft approx in length, and seemed to have been there at least two days before I flew over it, as the crop had started to re-grow, and was not as sharp and defined as formations usually are early on.”

Circles at Stonehenge

Not Man-Made

“The Crop Circle near Stonehenge reported on May 9, 2010 is not man-made,” says crop circle authority and researcher Andrew Pyrka in his field report:

“It was Sunday 7th of July 1996 when the crop circle makers made a day light formation in the same field, almost 14 years ago!

“The makers have returned to this location once again by making a giant 500 foot (exactly in length) formation, lying close to the A303 [highway] but yet you wouldn’t know it’s there.”

“Directly opposite is Stonehenge, which is patrolled by security throughout the night.

“When we arrived it was still dark and parked close to the perimeter of Stonehenge and without much delay torch light was soon beaming towards us.


“It is without doubt that these guys were very observant and soon questioned us if we had any intentions of JUMPING , this is a term used by them as frequent jumpers climb over the fence and run towards Stonehenge just to touch the stones.

The free view of Stonehenge

“We in turn asked them if they saw or heard anything in the last few nights, they replied that they did not see or hear anything unusual and were unaware of the formation even being there.

“Whatever the message may be, I’m sure it will keep us busy theorizing over the next few months.”


“The makers once again have chosen a less mature crop but I think we can safely say that position and location plays an important part in their choice of delivering that important message to us all.

New Swirled Order


Andrew’s field report continued…

“The frost covered Canola formation was just so immense that at eye level its very difficult to determine what the actual design may be. Streaming avenues taper from wide to narrow points meeting at the centre circle, and never seen in Canola before — an intricate basket weave dominated the formation as we have all seen in wheat back in 2009.

“A good 80% of the formation’s plants are now rising and resuming growth, only days after a force of unexplainable nature touched their bloom.

Also it was a delight to see the usual tufts of standing stems with swirling stems bent around the base — a term I coined last year as a bouquet.

“This formation like many others, are precision and flawless creations by master craftsman.”


“I stand my ground to inform you all that the first two formations of this season are perfection in creation and these are creations not done by man!

“To finalize this short report once again we felt that watching eyes were with us on the distant horizon. Footage below of the bright ball of light at Stonehenge crop circle May 10.

The ball of light appeared for us twice in two different locations. At times very bright and clearly seen in broad daylight.

“A ball of light appeared on two occasions, and in two different locations, at times blazing with brightness which was clearly visible on a bright and sunny morning — an event which was witnessed by five other people. Thank you for listening.”

The Future?

by H. P. Blavatsky
Isis Unveiled 1:38

“An era of disenchantment and rebuilding will soon begin — nay, has already begun. The cycle has almost run its course — a new one is about to begin, and the future pages of history may contain full proof that –

“If ancestry can be in aught believed, descending spirits have conversed with man and told him secrets of the world unknown.”


Wisdom of the Egyptians

(by Synesius)

“YOU must not think that the gods are without employment, or that their descent to this earth is perpetual. For they descend according to orderly periods of time, for the purpose of imparting a beneficent impulse in the republics of mankind.

“For there is indeed in the terrestrial abode the sacred tribe of heroes who pay attention to mankind, and who are able to give them assistance even in the smallest concerns. . .

“This heroic tribe is, as it were, a colony from the gods established here in order that this terrene abode may not be left destitute of a better nature.”


Celtic Woman in concert:
A New Journey


3 responses to “Sacred Dawn

  1. Rathnashikamani

    Mystical and astounding!


  2. I agree, I also wish we could decipher it…it tugs at my heart, that feeling that you know something or feel something you can’t put into words…hovering far in the back of our minds…kind of comforting, yet unsettling…so amazing…and the formations are incredibly beautiful. They feel perfect. Namaste, all.


  3. A fascinating and mysterious, perhaps mystical symbolic language. Oh, how I wish we could decipher it.


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