Healing Hands

MESMEROMANIA is how the Paris press reported it.

Parisians including the wife of King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, were in love with a man by the name of Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer.

Dr. Mesmer was rich in part because he married a rich widow, but also because he became a successful Viennese physician.

He lived on a well-appointed estate and hosted the then young twelve-year-old musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart was introduced to Benjamin Franklin’s invention, the “Armonica,” by Mesmer, (who used it to ‘mesmerize’ his patients.)

The young Mozart composed a musical piece for Mesmer’s “Glass Armonica,” and later wrote a solo armonica piece, and a larger quintet for armonica, flute, oboe, viola and cello.



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Hands of Healing

7 responses to “Healing Hands

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m a Reiki healer. Warm regards, BioEng Services


  2. When we talk of Energy healing we cannot miss The Founder of Pranic healing , Master Choa Kok Sui. The lost art restored in the most simple manner and validatred scientifically around the world.I as a medical scientist regulary heal my patients with amazing results.


  3. Rathnashikamani

    Amazing and outstanding ‘Healing Hands’!


  4. Odin,

    What’s your opinion about reiki? Once I read that reiki is no different from mesmerism, and that the symbols and words used in reiki don´t really matter.


    • Hi Paulo,
      Don’t know much about Reiki — on purpose. Try to avoid anything “psychic” trending, wary of anything that lead to passivity. Mesmerism is more rooted in the life force Prana or Chi, as such is positive and increases the natural flow through the body and astral body.


  5. Wonderful post, thank you. And speaking of mesmerized — I am mesmerized, and always moved — by your depth of knowledge and dedication to the healing arts, wisdom, and compassion. And learning. Salut, as always …and if you are ever in need of some unusual images, feel free to use any I have here (I have discovered a new medium, said the medium): http://alcoholinks.blogspot.com/

    Namaste, wendy


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