Field of Mind

ABSOLUTE certainty requires you to read a person’s mind directly.

For example, no one can know for sure Garry Kasparov’s next move, solely by studying the patterns he sets up on the chess board.

Similarly, decoding brain patterns is frustrating the neuroscientists analyzing them.

Like weather forecasting, the available data it is too often unreliable. Locating memory in the brain, researchers admit, likewise remains elusive.

Simple logic says the brain’s activity itself cannot be the source of thought, but only thought’s result. Knowing what thoughts are by studying their patterns, has proven more difficult than knowing the perfect chess move.

Because the real ‘thinker’ is positioned behind the curtain of observed consciousness, Theosophy affirms.


The invisible conscious entity who delivers the energetic thought signals which light up the cells and neurons of the physical brain, must logically be the active agent of consciousness — not the responding cells and neurons.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us,” as Emerson wrote memorably, “are small matters compared to what lies within us.” 

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5 responses to “Field of Mind

  1. For them to understand Judge’s writings about the astral body, study normal brain activity and have results produce some kind of practical application to autism, ADD, etc. would be incredible…this is the case for funding for research for sure. Thank you TW, another great posting, I want to read & watch over again.


  2. Olga Stolyarchik

    I am apologize for some grammatical mistakes and sentencing. English is my second language (native Russian) and unfortunately I had no chance to learn English language in school. Self -educated English by ear only, started at 30 years of age from 0. Trying to sharping my language skills by writing a poetry and now I am writing a book. I am trying the best I can and again very sorry if you have difficulties to read.


    • Thank you, we have taken the liberty of editing your interesting comments for context and readability.


    • According to the occult teachings you are correct that astral powers and kundalini have dual potentials. This is what the Voice of the Silence says in footnote 24:

      “The ‘Power’ and the ‘World-mother’ are names given to Kundalini — one of the mystic ‘Yogi powers.’ It is Buddhi considered as an active instead of a passive principle (which it is generally, when regarded only as the vehicle, or casket of the Supreme Spirit ATMA). It is an electro-spiritual force, a creative power which when aroused into action can as easily kill as it can create.”


  3. Olga Stolyarchik

    In my opinion, mind reading is a violation of the Universal Law of Divine wisdom. This gift should only be for people who understand the responsibility of using the power. Reading minds is a powerful tool of the future, and if will be accepted by science, be a key to many mysteries.

    I do have an ability, read minds, and know this is real. Many people are familiar with reading an aura of someone else. A century ago this and mind reading were a rare phenomenon. Today aura reading can be done with photographic equipment. I do have many special abilities but consider these sacred cosmic gifts and do not like disclosing details. I have done many years in personal research of myself and found many amazing things far beyond just a psychic sensitivities.

    Ten years ago one extreme and amazing experience (dream traveling) which changed my views and beliefs completely. I have studied parapsychology, the subconscious, astrology, metaphysics and the occult since the age of 14, which was the beginning of a Kundalini Rising, and opened the door to an unknown world.
    It rose since significantly for 20 years until present time. In 2001, not being fully spiritually mature, I briefly encountered a Tibetan guru. He gave me words of wisdom in one short sentence: “You will find some answers, when travel far beyond this world and deeper that your dream.”

    Why I am so sure about word real? Astronomical, astrological and metaphysical information prove at least part of my new discovery. Researching the dream traveling experiences I received many satisfying answers, with roots and principles of the Astral world’s existence, purposes and functions. Regular dreams of an artist, like myself, are mostly in bright spectrum of surreal colors. When I’ve traveled through seven Transitional stages of Astral Planes (intervals), there is only one bright color there – Astral Light.
    It is hard for me to verbally express these things. Ten years since the first astral experience, I have traveled more, but not further than stages 2-3. There is no reason for me to travel there again. I learned as much as allowed for a human brain to process. I have been assisted there and given the rules for safe staying and returning.

    The process is extremely dangerous, and when awakening from the trip, I jumped straight up from my bed, like a life force energy pulled me from a vacuum. I held my breath to the max (similar to drowning) gasping for breath silently. I felt like screaming, and experienced palpitations and a brief dizziness. Five minutes later all came back to normal. I sat on the bed recalled traveling to the seventh stage of the Astral world.


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