Life Electric

WE are surrounded today by untold numbers and varieties of energy-intensive, man-made machines and gadgets.

We are besieged by these machines all day, they rule our lives in the developed world.

These products range from the hardly necessary to the  indispensable. From TV’s and video games, to cardiac pacemakers, to our beloved cell phones and computers.

The electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that spin off from these products, it turns out, are our developed society’s price-to-pay for its monster creation—an all pervasive, insidious, ever-throbbing, artificial world.

Many readers will recall Rachel Carson’s comfort-shattering Exposé, Silent Spring, which documented the world-wide destructive effects of pesticide use, notably DDT.

Her research launched what has now become our well-regulated and accepted organic food industry.


Back to the throbbing, man-made EMF swimming pool: the use of wireless cell towers, radar towers, and hundreds of Earth-circling satellites, is again exacting, as pesticides did, and still do, a huge price from nature. We may not be able to recover from the effects of this interference.

Clearly, we are flawed space travelers ignorantly abusing an natural system that is no less than Life itself.


The original pristine natural state of the world and the cosmos, is both electro-magnetic and spiritual — we co-exist with our fellow planetary travelers at every level, from cells to stars. So any crippling abuse of this system is of critical concern.

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  2. Another wonderful posting, thank you. I remember as a little girl growing up in the South Bronx, we’d go up on the roof just before dusk on hot summer days, and watch the birds fly in a pattern. I always wondered why they would fly in the exact same formation…I’d watch while each one added themselves to the flock, making the specific formation take shape, like a squadron, and then all of them flying in a specific pattern. It was amazing to see them do that…how could they do such a precise thing…they were, after all, just birds! But now I am grateful to know why. Thank you! Namaste.


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