The Secret of Astrology

ASTROLOGY is just unscientific superstition many skeptics insist. Real philosophy, Theosophy counters, seeks “rather to solve than to deny.”

“It is an axiom of the philosophic student,” Blavatsky affirms, “that truth generally lies between the extremes.”

This is what the ancients meant by Astrology she says.

“Mention the word ‘astrology’ and skeptics go into an epileptic fit,” natural health researcher Mike Adams says.

“The idea that someone’s personality could be imprinted at birth according to the position of the sun, moon and planets,” Adams comments, “has long been derided as ‘quackery’ by the so-called ‘scientific’ community

… which resists any notion based on holistic connections between individuals and the cosmos.”


But wait a minute. Recently, scientific studies showing planetary imprinting called “seasonal biology” has confirmed the principle underlying astrology. The scientific study shows that planetary positions do, surprisingly, influence our biological clocks. Why not our psychological and mental states as well?

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2 responses to “The Secret of Astrology

  1. Well, this is just an amazing post! Could it be that mainstream information, in our time, will get up to speed with what the Ancients knew and taught about man and the universe? Theosophy is patient, but Theosophy Watch truly goes a long way to close the gap! Thank you so very much…the Symphony of Science Project is so much fun, and so inspiring…I think that the vogue interest in astrology could be our attempt, whether consciously or unconsciously, to affirm our connectedness with the universe, as well as the truth about reincarnation. Also, thank you to Lauren Coleman for her work…NAMASTE!!!


  2. I’m sure there are intuitive and latent truths in the above.. but too much is projective when it comes to astrology.. A “…seasonal
    imprinting of biological clocks” is not really the same thing as the basis for Astrology.. Ancient people did rely on projective suggestions for when to plant crops (Almanacs) and this probably led to predictions of fortune in trade and so on..but it went too far into analyses of personal character. The problem being is that it was too suggestive and something like self fulfilling prophecies was involved.. You look for a trait in personality and you can probably find something like that.. but it’s too subjective to really be of much use.


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