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Heaven Waits

ALTHOUGH reincarnation is the law of nature, the complete trinity of Spirit, Soul and Mind, says Theosophy, does not yet fully incarnate in average humanity.

“They use and occupy the body by means of the entrance of Mind, the lowest of the three,” writes W. Q. Judge, “and the other two shine upon it from above, constituting the God in Heaven.”

“This was symbolized in the old Jewish teaching about the Heavenly Man” writes William Q. Judge, “who stands with his head in heaven and his feet in hell. That is, the head Spirit and Soul are yet in heaven, and the feet, Mind, walk in hell, which is the body and physical life.”

But even with such a limited degree of Mind (‘Manas’ in Sanskrit), even that is not fully acquired by the growing child “until seven years old,” Blavatsky maintains in The Key to Theosophy (Section 9)

“…and becomes a morally responsible being capable of generating Karma.”


Human beings in general are not yet fully conscious, Judge says, “and reincarnations are needed to at last complete the incarnation of the whole trinity in the body. When that has been accomplished the race will have become as gods, and the godlike trinity being in full possession the entire mass of matter will be perfected and raised up for the next step.”

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