One Tree

THERE was, during the youth of mankind, one language, one knowledge, one universal religion.

There were no churches, no creeds or sects, but every man was a priest unto himself.

No one can study ancient philosophies seriously without perceiving the striking similitude of conception between all.

Their exoteric form very often, in their hidden spirit invariably — is the result of no mere coincidence, but of a concurrent design.

Already in those ages, which are shut out from our sight by the exuberant growth of tradition, human religious thought developed in uniform sympathy in every portion of the globe.

The fragments of the systems that have now reached us are rejected as absurd fables. Nevertheless, occult Science survived even the great Flood that submersed the antediluvian giants and with them their very memory.

The Secret Doctrine, the Bible and other Scriptures — still hold the Key to all the world problems.

Let us apply that Key to the rare fragments of long-forgotten cosmogonies and try by their scattered parts to re-establish the once Universal Cosmogony of the Secret Doctrine.

One Key
fits them all.

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Living Life in Peace


2 responses to “One Tree

  1. So very amazing is our HPB…I remember reading about her and wishing I’d been a part of her circle when she was here on earth…how exciting and powerful it must have been to be with her during those times! But her gift to us is just as exciting, and the Secret Doctrine is a balm, a buckler and a shield…and most of all, I think the greatest reminder we have, in book form at least, of The One Tree from which all our various beliefs have come. Never to forget the Mother of the New Age and her incredible sacrifice. Thank you for this posting. Namaste All…


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