Sinking Feeling

GAIA the Greek Goddess of the Earth, was mother to all the Gods according to the ancient Greeks.

In the beginning there was only Chaos, out of which there appeared Gaia they taught, and she gave birth to more than fifty symbolic deities.

In Gaia’s role as mother to the Gods, and employing many fathers, she gave birth to numerous entities, for example Python, Antaeus, Ceto, Charybdis, Echidna, Creusa, Erichthonius, Eurybia, Typhon.

They may have represented the titanic formative and creative forces of Earth’s early history.

The ancients were fond of personifying the natural forces in nature and man, and for good reason.


For them, nature was conscious, and she is, “in reality an aggregate of forces manipulated by semi-intelligent beings guided by High Planetary Spirits,” a fundamental axiom of The Secret Doctrine.

“‘Entity’ may be thought a strange term to use in the case of a globe,” wrote H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.

“But the ancient philosophers, who saw in the earth a huge ‘animal,'” she writes,  “were wiser in their generation than our modern geologists are in theirs.”

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Dateline Atlantis: Are We Sinking Again?

5 responses to “Sinking Feeling

  1. Thank you for the great read. Much to ponder. If I was to write a list of the terrible things we are doing to ourselves (through food, chemicals etc) to the Ocean, to the animals, to the air, to the Land, to Mother Earth… I believe it would be too long a list and too depressing. I KNOW this to myself be true… this CANNOT last. This damage we are all contributing to in some way or another cannot last. Mother Earth is absolutely Alive. To think anything else is to have blind folds on. It is only a matter of time before we see the repercussions’ of this present imbalance. ~

    “Human Societies begin to Self-Destruct when their citizens no longer regard organic relationships between the Spiritual and the material spheres of existence. Imbalance in one, sets up a similarly deteriorating resonance in the other. Such a bond is Unseen until the consequences of Cosmic disharmony reveal themselves in physical destruction.” -Plato



  3. I think it is “Poseidonis” and not “Posideonis”. And btw, Philaletheians appears twice in the blogroll.
    But this is of no importance, really. I am almost ashamed of pointing out these minor errors, since is my favorite website.


  4. I wholeheartedly agree that stuff is the big problem. The only bigger problem is how the whole planet is widowed from its Spiritual Core teachings, from understanding that a veritable River of Wisdom flows thru our veins and that this mechanism is at the Heart of our Being, our most Valuable Resource. How do we preserve it?


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