Miracle Mind

CONSCIOUSNESS is still considered, by most neuroscientists, to be located and created entirely in our physical brain tucked safely inside our skulls.

This persistent worldview is only reinforced by our body language: we always describe thinking by pointing to our heads.

But native cultures never engaged in such ignorant skullduggery. The traditional Native American view always considered the heart to be the center of thought and motive.

Confusing matters more are those familiar ‘gut-feelings’ we often have. These  compelling instincts, studies show, are more often than not signal accurate intuitions, even foretelling of some future event.

Updated and republished as:

My Three Brains


3 responses to “Miracle Mind

  1. Trillions of cells in each of us and each cell corresponds to the whole universe and to each other. Consciousness is all. Totally amazing!!!


  2. Yes, the one true achievement is recognize at every moment that we are one with the universe, the Earth and all our fellow travelers.
    “Everything is the product of one universal creative effort. There is nothing dead in Nature. Everything is organic and living, and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism.” (Paracelsus, “Philosophia ad Athenienses,” F. Hartmann’s translations, p. 44.) http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/sd/sd2-2-11.htm


  3. I love this post! In my work I am constantly seeing evidence of this intelligence that resides beyond the mind – in the heart, in the gut, and and within each cell of the body. We really are, each of us, walking talking miracles. So much more wondrous than we ever seem to acknowledge.


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