Placebo’s Evil Twin

© Lois Greenfield

THE uplifting adage “attitude is altitude” aptly pinpoints how the power of positive thought and intention affects every aspect of our lives.

“For decades, scientists have tried to test the power of prayer and positive thinking, with mixed results,” writes NPR National Desk religion correspondent Barbara Bradley Hagerty about a study on the science of spirituality.

“Now some scientists,” she writes, “are fording new, and controversial territory.” In an area of esoteric inquiry which is sometimes called Mental Alchemy and/or Metaphysics, a lot of thinkers over the ages have stated the idea in various ways.

The conviction that the thoughts one thinks are the great determiners of the content of one’s life, inspires  many to forge on despite difficult life circumstances.

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At the Center of the Circle


3 responses to “Placebo’s Evil Twin

  1. Thank you TW for this posting. No one ever talks about the nocebo effect, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it at all. But the fact that a person’s belief is more powerful than one’s medical profile with all the supposed tendencies and risk factors is pretty amazing. TW certainly does remind us of how ignorant we still are of how much more control we could and can have over our bodies and our reality through our deepest level of thought. Thank you again for reminding and informing us. NAMASTE ALL.


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