Vanishing of the Bees

MANY millions of years ago, ancient sages taught, man and all the kingdoms of nature were in their early formative stages.

The living prototypes were held in an invisible astral matrix, a semi-physical energy field, the repository of Earth’s pre-evolutionary blueprints.

There was no ‘solid matter’ as we know it in those astral times, more than 300,000,000 years ago.

Nevertheless, there was an active hive-mind at work behind-the-scenes, busily retrofitting the numerous forms of nature and man —preparing them to be born on Earth, guided by immutable cyclic law.

Just as Earth mother nourished and birthed innumerable beings in the faraway past, the same grand evolutionary scheme is mirrored today in the differentiation of the human fetus— stages that traverse single-celled zygote, which becomes a mass of cells known as a blastocyst

Day by day mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms are all represented sequentially over a relatively short period as the developing fetus takes shape from a tiny egg invisible to the naked eye.

Just 12 days after fertilization, the cells destined to become the fetus turn into something else first: the embryo. By month’s end, this embryo is about the size of a grain of rice, and it looks more tadpole than human, sporting a tail where legs should be.

“The path of spirituality turns, corkscrew-like, within and around physical, semi-physical, and supra-physical evolution.”

 – H. P. Blavatsky
Theosophist, January, 1886

There was also a critical cycling in Earth’s development, when a relatively rapid appearance of forms occurred, “seemingly abruptly and from nowhere.” Nearly all of the major phyla in the animal kingdom appeared in a sudden burst of evolution.

This was during the Cambrian explosion and is memorialized in the fossil record — a record which sorely vexed Charles Darwin with his slow, predictable, though random evolutionary theory, and still generates extensive scientific debate today.

The phenomenon represents for Theosophists, however, prima facie evidence of the universal gestation on invisible spheres, as is described by Occult evolutionary science in The Secret Doctrine. 

Passion Fruit Flower

But, according to The Secret Doctrine (2:52), “nature unaided fails,” and the long period of ancient evolution was neither random or blind. On the job at the same time were highly evolved intelligent beings who assisted in transferring and reorganizing the many root-types carried over from an older system.

The duties of those ancient hierarchies, called Dhyanis, consisted of “alteration and addition,” wrote W. Q. Judge in The Ocean of Theosophy (Ch.15),

“which resulted in the differentiation afterwards, on this gross plane, into the various families, species, and genera.”

A Living System

Below is a short portion of an interview with Duane Elgin, an internationally recognized, visionary speaker and author, where he describes the ways in which it makes a profound difference whether we regard the universe as either dead or alive at its foundations. Produced by the Global Oneness Project and directed by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee.

The Divine Spark

“According to the doctrine of Universal Evolution expounded by the Sages of the Wisdom-Religion,” wrote W. Q. Judge in An Epitome of Theosophy, “the mineral, vegetable, and animal forms each imprison a spark of the Divine” — a fact that all indigenous peoples, children, and naturists like Thoreau inwardly knew.

Additionally, a few more developed entities were transferred to the newly forming Earth already in finished form, occult science maintains, requiring no prolonged evolution. “Neither the bee nor the wheat had their original differentiation in this chain of globes,” Judge remarked cryptically:

“but must have been produced and finished in some other [globe] from which they were brought over into this.”

Judge declined to give details, but divine hierarchies would have known better than to reinvent the wheel. Evolutionary adaptation was not needed for the honeybees, apparently, who must have hit the air flying.

It was gift to Gaia. Billions of pollinators arrived on the scene, fully formed and functional — delivering their perfectly matched services just as millions of plant species emerged requiring them. Yet another impossible puzzle for the hapless neo-Darwinists.

“There is an inherent law — not only in the primordial, but also in the manifested matter of our phenomenal plane — by which Nature correlates her geometrical forms,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote in The Secret Doctrine (1:97): “and later, also, her compound elements — in which there is no place for accident or chance.”

“Man with his free will often records the ephemeral and personal, but the builder bee fashions only the one ideal form, which describes the divine work of the Manifested Logos,” [Reference article: “The Bee“]:-

“In the honeycomb of the bee lies the symbol of its Eternal Record.”

Sadly, modern humans have become notorious despoilers of Nature’s divine harmony. Known as Colony Collapse Disorder, a man-made disaster, honeybees have been mysteriously disappearing across the planet — literally vanishing from their hives without a trace.

Vanishing of the Bees

The actress-narrator Ellen Page opens the documentary Vanishing of the Bees: “If you like fruits and vegetables, you like bees…honeybees pollinate one-third of your diet. And they’re in deep, deep trouble.”



“The problem was first brought to light by veteran beekeeper David Hackenberg in October of 2006,” the film makers explain, and this stunning documentary “examines why honey bees have been mysteriously disappearing from their hives, often by the thousands in mere hours.”

“Vanishing of the Bees takes a poignant in-depth look at the worldwide disappearance of the honey bee.


The First Earth Day, April 22, 1970

Part 1

“Colony Collapse Disorder is a crisis that affects not only beekeepers, but also the farmers who depend on the delivery of commercial honey bee hives to pollinate more than $15 billion worth of U.S. crops, including apples, broccoli, almonds, watermelon, onions, cherries and a hundred other fruits and vegetables.

“And without the bees to pollinate crops, one out of every three bites of food on our tables vanishes, too.”


Vanishing of the Bees follows David and fellow beekeeper Dave Mendes as they struggle to keep their bees healthy and they travel cross-country to console other desolate beekeepers facing the same dilemma.

Chris Harp, organic beekeeper and "Bee Doctor"

“Meeting up with the owner of the largest honey bee operation in the U.S. – a 5th generation beekeeper in Yuma, Arizona – they learn he has inexplicably lost more than 2 billion bees in a very short period. Gone without a trace, he’s never seen anything to this degree in his life.

Part 2

“What’s behind these unexplained disappearances? With scientists casting doubt on known pathogens and parasites as the origin of the problem, this daring documentary pinpoints a single, probable cause and a handful of contributing issues behind Colony Collapse.

“Filmed across the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia, the documentary explores the increasingly troubling effects of commercial farming methods upon the planet and its inhabitants.

“Along the way, organic beekeepers offer up everyday solutions and generous helpings of hope along with their explanations for this tragic loss.”

The ancient world believed that honeybees were prophetic – that their actions were messages not to be ignored. Could it be they’re trying to tell us something, but we’re just not listening?


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8 responses to “Vanishing of the Bees

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  2. Bees, birds and bats, along with certain amphibians, have been vanishing or decreasing, certainly,for some years now….I find many are rather cynical and indifferent for various reasons…..unlike my trimmed and shaved lawns obsessed neighbors, I let my lawn grow and also produce as many varied so-called ‘weeds’ as much as possible and they are visited by the bees and other creatures,etc.


  3. For some time now the loss of bees, birds and bats has been going on in New England and those who notice this also notice that frogs and other amphibians are also being affected in various ways…..Lots of conjecture about all of this runs rampant in the halls of thought…but most ignore all this and stay detached or neutral,thinking they cannot do anything to reverse any of this…for myself, I do not mow my lawns or shave them to the nth degree as my neighbors obsessed with neart, well-trimmed and cut lawns do…I all what they call ‘weeds’ to grow and so I get a lot birds and other creatures coming by….


  4. I just read your response to my response, TW, and then the article by Damian Carrington….boy, are we in trouble! Sounds like the UK government is quite in denial. I suppose the far reaching impact of the cost of halting the use of those pesticides has everything to do with it…the two ideas of consequences for our actions down the line, and achieving balance with nature seem monumental. Thank you for posting, we’ve gotta stay “up”!


    • Yep, take the money and tighten the blindfold seems the problem. We’re blessed to have social networking today even with all its silly sides — communication at ground level around the world is the key to accomplishing a turnaround. Lot’s of help from dedicated green conscious folk all over… thanks sundevi.


  5. Thank you for this posting. What an incredibly sad thing! It seems our ecosystems are changing quickly and dramatically. How much of this is has been preventable and how much is part of universal shift, I don’t know, but clearly we are witnessing major change, the kind that, even though foretold, is unsettling. We always want to believe, “not in our time, but time to come”. But we don’t get to escape. Just have to be grateful for the time they have given us, and what is now left of them. Thank you, TW, Namaste, all, much love and gratitude for what we have been given.


    • Thank you for your comments sundevi, it can be depressing with all the negative news around these days — factory farming has even touched the innocent little bee, and we should add, evidence of unforgivable animal cruelty, conscious beings treated like machines. But the cause of all the planetary devastation is always close at hand, we have only to look in the mirror! A great article in The Guardian today by Damian Carrington, he concludes: “It is 50 years since Rachel Carson published Silent Spring, which documented the devastation wrought by pesticides in the US. What better time to act?”

      See link:

      The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970!!
      Rachel Carson’s biographer writer Linda Lear has a marvelous website, with several links to Rachel Carson’s life and books:




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