The Temple of God

ABSOLUTE certainty about someone’s motive and intention requires that one be able to read that person’s mind and heart directly.

No one could be absolutely sure of Garry Kasparov’s next move, for example, or any chess player solely by studying the patterns of pieces on the chess board they create.

Decoding brain patterns is even more frustrating for neuroscientists who attempt to analyze and interpret them.

Like weather forecasting, the available data it is too often unreliable. For brain researchers the precise location of memory, it is shown, remains elusive. And for good reason—there are more addresses than all the world’s email.

Simple logic would tell us brain activity, like chess moves, cannot be the source of thought, but only thought’s result. Knowing what thoughts are by studying their patterns, has proven more difficult than discovering the perfect chess strategy.

This is because the real ‘thinker’ is positioned behind the curtain of observed consciousness, occultism explains.


The invisible conscious entity who delivers the energetic thought signals which light up the cells and neurons of the physical brain, must logically be the active agent of consciousness — not the responding cells and neurons.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us,” as Emerson wrote memorably, “are small matters compared to what lies within us.” 

Network Brain

(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)


A group of scientists at Rutgers University and UCLA, in a report published in the October 2009 issue of Psychological Science that suggests possible methods for predicting brain activity (and hence ‘reading’ minds) —

… are finding the current brain model is much more complex than previously thought.

Participants were given a functional MRI (fMRI) while performing reading, memorization, and risk-assessment tasks, and it turns out that while the same area is not consistently used (according to prevailing theory), a predictable pattern of activity occurs in the brain.

This pattern has the potential to be used to determine other psychological data, such as whether a subject is lying or not. The study authors compare these “global” brain patterns to an individual’s fingerprints. Reading these patterns has not been easy.

Global Views

“What our research shows,” says Rutgers psychology professor Stephen José Hanson, “is that if you want to understand human cognitive function, you need to look at system-wide behavior across the entire brain.”

“You can’t do it by looking at single cells or areas. You need to look at many areas of the brain to even understand the simplest of functions.”


“While actual mind reading might be too lofty a goal based on this particular study,” the article reports, “the authors are planning to use the data to establish base-line normal global brain activity to compare against the brain activity of those patients suffering with psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, autism, and Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity.”

Intention Effect

(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)

The Force is within You

“Mesmerism is the name given to an art,”  wrote Theosophical pioneer W. Q. Judge, “or the exhibition of a power to act upon others and the facility to be acted upon.”

“The trinity of nature is the lock of magic,” Blavatsky wrote, “the trinity of man the key that fits it.”

“Anton Mesmer, gave greater publicity in the Western world to unlocking the mystery than any other person, and his name is still attached to it,” Blavatsky wrote.

“In about 1775,” she recounts, “he obtained great prominence in Europe in connection with his experiments and cures.” But also states in her Theosophical Glossary, that Anton Mesmer was in fact only a rediscoverer of the hidden force.

“There being but ONE Truth, man requires but one church – the Temple of God within us — walled in by matter but penetrable by anyone who can find the way. The pure in heart see God.”

Isis Unveiled

“In 1639, one hundred years before Mesmer, a book, The Sympathetical Powder of Edricius Mohynus of Eburo, was published in Europe upon the use of magnetic healing in the cure of wounds.

“These cures, it was said, could be effected at a distance from the wound by reason of the virtue or directive faculty between that and the wound.”

Distant Healing

(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)

Subtle Matter

“THE great question mooted is whether there is or there is not any actual fluid thrown off by the mesmerizer. Many deny it, and nearly all hypnotizers refuse to admit it. H. P. Blavatsky declares there is such a fluid, and those who can see into the plane to which it belongs assert its existence as a subtle form of matter.

“This fluid is composed in part of the astral substance around everyone, and in part of the physical atoms in a finely divided state.

“By some this astral substance is called aura. But that word is indefinite, as there are many sorts of aura and many degrees of its expression.

“This aura is thrown off by the mesmerizer upon his subject, and is received by the latter in a department of his inner constitution, never described by any Western experimenters, because they know nothing of it.”

Sheaths of the Soul

“It wakes up certain inner and non-physical divisions of the person operated on, causing a change of relation between the various and numerous sheaths surrounding the inner man, and making possible different degrees of intelligence and of clairvoyance and the like.

“It has no influence whatsoever on the Higher Self, which it is impossible to reach by such means.

“In ordinary waking life every one, without being able to disentangle himself, is subject to the impressions from the whole organism.”

“That is to say, every cell in the body, to the most minute — has its own series of impressions and recollections, all of which continue to impinge on the great register, the brain.”


(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)

The Astral Body

“The structure of the inner astral man is definite and coherent,” W. Q. Judge wrote. “How many subjects are trained so as to be able to analyze their own astral anatomy?”

“Just as the outer body has a spine which is the column whereon the being sustains itself with the brain at the top, so the astral body has its spine and brain.”

“It is material, for it is made of matter, however finely divided, and is not of the nature of the spirit.”

Seat of the Senses

“The region of the inner man, is not the spiritual being, but the astral one who is the model on which the outer visible form is built,” writes William Q. Judge.

“All the senses have their seat in this person, and every one of them is a thousandfold more extensive in range than their outer representatives, for those outer eyes and ears.”

“This inner person is the mediator between mind and matter,” he says, and  “hearing the commands of mind, he causes the physical nerves to act and thus the whole body.

“The sense of touch, taste, and smell, are only gross organs which the inner ones use, but which of themselves can do nothing.”

The Newborn

“After the maturity of the child before birth this [astral] form is fixed,” W. Q. Judge writes, “coherent, lasting, undergoing but small alteration from that day until death.

“Our material organs, bones, and tissues are undergoing change each instant.”

They are suffering always what the ancients called ‘the constant momentary dissolution of minor units of matter,’ and hence within each month there is a perceptible change by way of diminution or accretion.”

“And so also as to its brain—that remains unchanged until the body is given up, and does not, like the outer brain, give up cells to be replaced by others from hour to hour. These inner parts are thus more permanent than the outer correspondents to them.”

Astral Glue

“It alters only from life to life, being constructed at the time of reincarnation to last for a whole period of existence. For it is the model fixed by the present evolutionary proportions for the outer body.

“It is the collector, as it were, of the visible atoms which make us as we outwardly appear.”

“So at birth it is potentially of a certain size, and when that limit is reached, it stops the further extension of the body, making possible what are known today as average weights and average sizes.”

Body Matrix

(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)


Its power to resist the impact and war of the material molecules being exhausted, the sleep of death supervenes.”

“As in our physical form the brain and spine are the centres for nerves, so in the other there are the nerves which ramify from the inner brain and spine all over the structure.

“They are more in the nature of currents than nerves, as we understand the word, and may be called astro-nerves.

“All of these are related to every organ in the outer visible body.”

“They move in relation to such great centres in the body outside, as the heart, the pit of the throat, umbilical centre, spleen, and sacral plexus.”

I Got My Life Back

(Excerpt from The Living Matrix)

Actor Inside

“The astro-spinal column has three great nerves of the same sort of matter. They may be called ways or channels, upon and down which the forces play, that enable man inside and outside to stand erect, to move, to feel, and to act.

“They answer exactly to the magnetic fluids, that is, they are respectively positive, negative and neutral, their regular balance being essential to sanity.”

“When the astral spine reaches the inner brain the nerves alter and become more complex, having a final great outlet in the skull. Then, with these two great parts of the inner person are the other manifold sets of nerves, of similar nature, related to the various planes of sensation in the visible and invisible world.”

“These all then constitute
the personal actor within.”

The excerpts above are from
the William Q. Judge article



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