Mother Alien

“As a symbol, the Serpent had as many aspects and occult meanings as the Tree itself; with which it was emblematically and almost indissolubly connected,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote in The Secret Doctrine.(1:404), “the ‘Serpent’ and ‘Dragon’ were the names given to the ‘Wise Ones,’ the initiated adepts of olden times. It was their wisdom and their learning that were devoured or assimilated by their followers. A full Initiate was called a ‘Dragon,’ a ‘Snake’ a ‘Naga.’ The Serpent became the type and symbol of evil, and of the Devil, only during the middle ages.

Siderealview's Blog

Following Britain’s ‘wettest’ June, and peering out—through continuing rainclouds and drizzle—with five days to go until mid-July, St. Swithun’s Day, traditionally a day which sets the weather pattern in stone, I may be forgiven if I entice you for a moment into a little fantasy dreamed over the last month, bathed in a field of energy beneath the electromagnetic landscape of Wiltshire. I hope, at least, that its fantasy theme will enhance your day, and bring an improvement to the 2012 (rainy) season; I hope at best to add a little flavour to the amazing range of crop circle symbols—cereal waveforms as messages—which have struggled in punishing weather conditions, but appear to flourish in the Wiltshire grain basket.

This little crop circle story is brought to you by courtesy of~~~the Alien Mother.

Alien Mama makes a Nest
Mother Alien appeared first, June 25th, 2012 below Milk Hill White Horse…

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