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PARISIANS including the wife of King Louis XVI, Queen Marie Antoinette, were in love with a man by the name of Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer.

“Mesmeromania” is how the Paris press reported it.

Dr. Mesmer was rich in part because he married a rich widow, but also because he became a successful Viennese physician.

He lived on a well-appointed estate and hosted the then young twelve-year-old musical prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart was introduced to Benjamin Franklin’s invention, the “Armonica,” by Mesmer, (who used it to ‘mesmerize’ and heal his patients.)

The young Mozart composed a musical piece for Mesmer’s “Glass Armonica,” and later wrote a solo armonica piece, and a larger quintet for armonica, flute, oboe, viola and cello.

Mesmer was the darling of Parisian Elite Society in the 1780’s, a confidant of the super rich and super powerful.


All over Paris, people were throwing themselves under trees Mesmer had ‘mesmerized.’ They would flail, convulse, scream and claim healing. Mesmer said he had a healing power in his hands he called “Animal Magnetism.”

Glass Armonica

Mysticism vs Scientism

This era was a period of questioning. Later historians would call it the age of enlightenment (18th century). This began a period where scientific method, as we know it today, was begun.

Mesmer Practicing

Anton Mesmer

Anton Mesmer

Science was not yet a specialized profession, and the term Scientist was not coined until 1833.

Mysticism was gradually replaced with materialistic reductionism — or what Charles Tart terms “scientism.”

Today, hands-on-healing and Mesmerism, now called “bioenergy” healing, is enjoying a renaissance of interest and investigation.

Domančić Bioenergy

Curiously, the mesmeric (bioenergy healer) Zdenko Domančić bears an uncanny likeness to Mesmer. The Domančić Bioenergy method was developed over 30 years ago. Its practitioners say “it is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness,” and is “scientifically validated and practiced all over the world.”

Zdenko Domančić

“It restores health of adults and children,
when other means fail.”


Ancient Art

The energetic body field or astral field, “has been known for ages to those who see with the inner eye,” W. Q. Judge wrote, and “will one day be discovered and admitted by science.”

Mesmer was only a rediscoverer, H. P. Blavatsky declared. Further, in his article Mesmerism, Judge insisted that mesmeric phenomena can be produced

“by any healthy man or woman
…if they will only try.”

But energy healing should not be confused with activities of the impersonal “Higher Self” Judge writes, adding:

“The grosser the operator the better,
for thus there is more of the mesmeric force.”

The bioenergy healing art, William Q. Judge says in his article, “long antedates the days of Anton Mesmer,” and was known by many different names — though its methods and results were recognizably similar, he says.

“… sometimes the person operated on was seen to follow the hand of the operator, as if drawn like iron filings to a magnet. These are all used today by various operators.”


Distance Healing

“In 1639, one hundred years before Mesmer,” Judge explains, “a book was published in Europe upon the use of mesmerism in the cure of wounds, and bore the title, The Sympathetical Powder of Edricius Mohynus of Eburo.”

“These cures, it was said, could be effected at a distance from the wound, by reason of the virtue or directive faculty between that and the wound.”


(Below excerpted from
The Living Matrix

Subtle Matter

“THE great question mooted,” Judge continues, “is whether there is or there is not any actual fluid thrown off by the mesmerizer. Many deny it, and nearly all hypnotizers refuse to admit it.

“H. P. Blavatsky declares there is such a fluid, and those who can see into the plane to which it belongs assert its existence as a subtle form of matter.”

Subtle Matter

“This fluid is composed in part of the astral substance around everyone, and in part of the physical atoms in a finely divided state.”


By some this astral substance is called aura. But that word is indefinite, as there are many sorts of aura and many degrees of its expression.

“This aura, then, is thrown off by the mesmerizer upon his subject,” Judge says, “and is received by the latter in a department of his inner constitution — never described by any Western experimenters, because they know nothing of it.”

Zdenko Domančić

Since 1993 Zdenko Domančić has been teaching his method at the Bioenergy Clinic in Slovenia – the largest center of this type in Europe. Thousands of people come there from all over the world for group therapy.

Group Sessions

Over the years, Domančić has healed over million people, having received spectacular results in every classified disease.

The success of the method (validated by scientists and medical commissions) has been reported in cases of diabetes, Parkinson’s, gangrene, Alzheimer and many other. The President of Slovenia awarded Domančić for his work.

Domančić took part in research on HIV/AIDS at the Stanford University and in research on on cancer at the Institute of Oncology in Lubljana.


Among his students and patients are among others: medical doctors, health workers, veterinarians and scientists.

The Olympic Sports Representation of Slovenia is treated at his clinic. The therapy can be practiced individually, in group sessions and by distance. It is very effective also in treatment of animals.

Chi – Qi – Prana -Akasa

Energy Healing

by William Q. Judge

W. Q. Judge
“It is easy enough for all proper purposes to mesmerize a subject by following what is already publicly known,” Judge writes, and that

“By means of certain nerve points located near the skin the whole system of nerves may be altered in an instant…

“…even by a slight breath from the mouth
at a distance of eight feet from the subject.”



“The skin includes the mucous, all membranes in the body, the arterial coats, and so on. The flesh takes in the nerves, the animal cells so-called, and the muscles. The bones stand alone.

“The blood has its cells, the corpuscles, and the fluid they float in,” Judge writes, “the organs, such as the liver, the spleen, the lungs, include skin, blood, and mucous.

“Each of these divisions and all of their subdivisions [of the Astral Body] have their own peculiar impressions and recollections:

…and all, together with the coördinator the brain, make up the man as he is on the visible plane.”


Healer: Stipe Domancic, son of Zdenko

Healer: Stipe Domancic, son of Zdenko

“These all have to do with the phenomena of mesmerism,” Judge continues, “although there are those who may think it not possible that mucous membrane or skin can give us any knowledge.

“But it is nevertheless the fact, for the sensations of every part of the body each affect cognition, and [especially] the experiences of the skin cells.”



H. P. Blavatsky

by H. P. Blavatsky

The Theosophical Glossary by H. P. Blavatsky, gives this explanation of Mesmer, born in Schwaben, in 1734, and died in 1815: “The famous physician who rediscovered and applied practically

“that magnetic fluid in man which was called animal magnetism and since then Mesmerism.”


Sphinx at Luxor Egypt

“He was an initiated member of the Brotherhoods of the Fratres Lucis and of Lukshoor (or Luxor), or the Egyptian Branch of’ the latter.

“…sent in the last quarter of every century to enlighten a small portion of the Western nations in occult lore.”


“It was the Council of “Luxor” which selected him — according to the orders of the “Great Brotherhood”— to act in the 18th century as their usual pioneer,” Blavatsky wrote.

“It was St. Germain who supervised the development of events in this case — and later Cagliostro was commissioned to help, but having made a series of mistakes, more or less fatal, he was recalled.

“Of these three men who were at first regarded as quacks, Mesmer is already vindicated. The justification of the two others will follow in the next century.”



“Mesmer founded the “Order of Universal Harmony” in 1783, in which presumably only animal magnetism was taught, but which in reality expounded the tenets of Hippocrates, the methods of the ancient Asclepieia, the Temples of Healing, and many other occult sciences.”

Temple Asklepeion at Kos


Wendy Videlock, “The Looking Glass”

“It is not by studying Occultism for selfish ends,
for the gratification of one’s personal
ambition, pride, or vanity,
that one can ever reach the true goal:
that of helping suffering mankind.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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