The Future is Now

ESOTERIC philosophy views Past, Present and Future as compound time, and only from our waking, egoic state of consciousness.

Pointedly, Buddha’s dying words confirmed that indeed “all compounds are perishable,” i.e. illusions.

In the realm of “noumena” or the causal plane H. P. Blavatsky wrote (SD 1:43) the three have no validity, and according to Mahayana Buddhism: “The Past time is the Present time, as also the Future, which, though it has not come into existence, still is.”

To the uninitiated concepts of duration and time Blavatsky points out, “are all derived from our sensations according to the laws of Association.” And because they are “inextricably bound up with the relativity of human knowledge” they are superficial and only temporal tools.

Because rationalist views ignore psychic experience, they must eventually fall away in the face of thousands of reported cases such as the near-death experience. Today precognition is validated by new experimental research data in parapsychology.

Minority Report – Precog

Announcing the publication of a controversial work by Cornell researcher Daryl Bem in an article published in The New York Times, Bem purports to have demonstrated precognition in a series of experiments. Dr. Bem studied over 1000 people and looked for proof that future events affected past behavior, or retro causation.

His research was analyzed using standard statistical techniques. Using standard measures, Bem’s research indeed finds a causal link between future events and past behavior.

Senior scientist Dean Radin, of The Institute for Noetic Sciences (IONS), is a rigorous scientific explorer who boldly goes where the establishment won’t, methodically measuring the ‘immeasurable’. In this clip he explains his ongoing experiments showing evidence of “presentiment” or precognition.

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3 responses to “The Future is Now

  1. Thank you for this posting. In quite a few New Age/ metaphysical circles, this student has heard many an explanation of this issue of time/reality and the truth about Now. But nowhere other than from HPB in the Secret Doctrine have I seen it made so clear and thorough as to foster the experience that the divisions of time really are an illusion and that there is much more, yet at the same time, nothing more to the popular phrase, ” all we have is now”! NAMASTE ALL


    • Thank you devisun. Indeed living in the “now” includes past, present and future, and it is way all great teachers past or present have achieved self-mastery. Real unity with the whole of humanity is our goal also. We all try to follow their example, trusting in and working with the universal Law of Karma, not bowing to special agendas or ideologies. The President’s speech at the United Nations just now addressed this truth – inspiring. Namaste!


  2. Cristina Varela-Reyes

    Very enlightening ! Thanks


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