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The Church of Scientism

ANCIENT teachings can be shown to be more scientific despite the attacks of sectarianism, or materialism miscalled Science.

In reality science and religion are responsible for numerous illogical theories offered to the world.

The general public, blindly accepting everything that emanates from these two accepted authorities as a proven fact, is taught to scoff at anything brought forward from spiritual or ancient occult sources.

But even great authorities, especially modern science, may often err, and their too frequent sophism of scientific dicta may be incorrect. They are against intuition and the experience of the ages, and assume that Truth is the property of their exclusive isolated world.

Theosophy consistently contrasts “the laboriously acquired knowledge of the senses with the intuitive omniscience of the Spiritual divine Soul.”

As Hermes believed so does Theosophy, says H. P. Blavatsky, that “knowledge differs from sense which is only of the physical world—”but Knowledge is the end of sense which is only the illusion of our physical brain and its intellect.” In “Is Theosophy a Religion” she wrote:

“Practical Theosophy is not one Science, but embraces every science in life, moral and physical.” 

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