The Psychic You

EVERY organ and cell in the body has its own energetic biofield, and uses it to network wirelessly with all other organs and cells.

The heart and the gut talk back and forth continually to the brain, whose neurons also converse with each other, day and night.

Researchers have recently discovered that both the heart and the gut, have substantial neuronal regions, showing they both have brains of their own. The gut can even act independently when we have “gut feelings” for example.

The holographic network of the heart links, organizes and entrains, say the researchers at the Institute of Heartmath, the totality of signals from all the noetic webs, of all the cells and neurons of the body.

“These biosignals pass information over to the body’s chief superintendent, the brain.”


This complex unifying biofield may well be the underlying mechanism of healing, of thought transference, and gene behavior, experimental evidence confirms. It is also the pathway by which the environment influences us.

The power of this invisible field is undoubtedly the unseen agent driving what many modern self-help gurus refer to as the ‘secret’ of intention, and thought. In Isis Unveiled (1:xxvii) H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

“The Hindu Vedas fifty centuries ago, ascribed to it the same properties as do the Tibetan lamas of the present day.”

“When one sees mortal man displaying tremendous capabilities, controlling the forces of nature and opening up to view the world of spirit,” she writes, “the reflective mind is overwhelmed.”

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Found: The All-directing Omnipotent God, Source of Life and Matter

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  1. helenakerekhazi

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  2. Thank you for this posting. I’ve heard people protest that Theosophy is not practical, but it simply isn’t true! The analogy here between the absence of circulation in the body and the absence of universal brotherhood and compassion in society is stunning, and really brings the point home so well. Powerful, the the method of Correspondence and Analogy, put forth by HPB as the way to learn about the Ancient Wisdom. Thank you very much. NAMASTE ALL.


    • Thank you. Indeed it is a a law which could be studied in itself, i.e. “Analogy is thus the surest guide to the comprehension of the Occult teachings.” [SD 1:173], also…”Everything in the Universe follows analogy. ‘As above, so below”; Man is the microcosm of the Universe. That which takes place on the spiritual plane repeats itself on the Cosmic plane.(SD 1:177) -and- [The Secret Doctrine] “advises the student to hold to the doctrine of analogy and correspondences.” [SD 1:187]. (See section at:


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