Science Set Free: The Tipping Point

Jelena Momcilov

Jelena Momcilov “Magnet Girl”

MANY scientists like to think that science already understands the ways of the natural world.

The fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in.

The impressive achievements of science seem to support this confident attitude. But in recent research including his own studies, frontier biologist Rupert Sheldrake believes otherwise.

His experiments reveal unexpected problems at the heart of physics, cosmology, biology, medicine and psychology.

Resolutely dismissive of paranormal findings or brain-free consciousness, traditional science asserts that matter is the gold standard. But even great authorities especially in modern science may be found to err, and scientific dicta are frequently influenced more by personal prejudice than rigorous research.

A pure impartial science always weighs “the laboriously acquired knowledge of the senses with the intuitive omniscience of the Spiritual divine Soul,” said H. P. Blavatsky, world Theosophy teacher.


As Hermes believed so does Theosophy, she wrote (Secret Doctrine 1:296): that “knowledge differs from sense which is only of the physical world — but Knowledge is the end of sense which is only the illusion of our physical brain and its intellect.”

It is “self-contradictory, and simply absurd — from a scientific point of view, as much and even more than from the occult aspect of the esoteric knowledge.”

When the high priests of material science, she wrote, “resolve consciousness into a secretion from the grey matter of the brain, and everything else in nature into a mode of motion, we protest against the doctrine as being un-philosophical.”

In a formal yet hilarious experiment he calls “Telephone Telepathy,” Rupert Sheldrake demonstrates that consciousness can indeed fly away on its own from one mind to another.

The Soul of Things

In her article“Is Theosophy a Religion” H. P. Blavatsky wrote that “Practical Theosophy is not one Science, but embraces every science in life, moral and physical.” And in The Secret Doctrine (1:269) he notes “it is clear that modern science believes not in the ‘soul of things.”

“Science will be driven out of their position, not by spiritual, theosophical, or any other physical or even mental phenomena,” she writes,

“but simply by the enormous gaps and chasms that open daily — and will still be opening before them.”


“One discovery follows the other,” she affirmed, “until they are finally knocked off their feet by the ninth wave of simple common sense.” If science is too ahead of its time it, she wrote, “it must bide its time until the minds of men are ripe for its reception. Every science, every creed has had its martyrs.”

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake is such a modern day martyr, an author of more than 80 scientific papers and 10 books, including Science Set Free (September 2012). For more information on Dr. Sheldrake go to his website:

Thunderbolts Project has uploaded Rupert Sheldrake’s talk at EU 2013 —”Science Set Free.” This is Part 2 of a talk by Rupert Sheldrake at the Albuquerque, New Mexico conference ELECTRIC UNIVERSE 2013: The Tipping Point.


Students of The Secret Doctrine know how often H. P. Blavatsky insists on the need for recognizing the Noumenon behind Phenomena. She explains the Noumenon as the conscious cause of the phenomenon, understanding without mediation of the senses, i.e. Intuition.

Theosophists also use the word “reality” in a relative sense, as in (Secret Doctrine 1:39) where Blavatsky wrote, as in a mirror image, things may be relatively real to the viewer.


Relatively real as phenomena which reflect from the material plane; yet they may themselves be unreal relatively to a higher plane, i.e. the living person. In other words, the Noumenon on one plane may be regarded as a Phenomenon relatively to a higher plane.

“I read a lot of Theosophy material while a teenager, looking for reconciliations between science and religion,” says Dr. Charles Tart, one of the founders of modern parapsychology. Her he describes the destructive effects of “Scientism.”

Keep the Spirit

“According to the ordinary course of affairs, a few generations pass away, and then there comes a period when these very truths are looked upon as commonplace facts. And a little later there comes another period in which

they are declared to be necessary, and even the dullest intellect wonders how they could ever have been denied.”

Where the conclusions of modern Science are grounded on “unassailable facts,” Blavatsky wrote (SD 1:147), “there can be no possible conflict between the teachings of occult and so-called exact Science.

“It is only when the enthusiasts of Science over-steps the limits of observation nature forcibly removing Spirit from the universe, and attribute all to blind matter,” she says, “that the Occultists claim the right to dispute and call in question their theories.”


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