Thinking with Your Heart

Mother_TeresaATHEISTS and agnostics are more driven by compassion to help others than are highly religious people, a new study finds.  (Live Science)

Indeed, compassion is not a religious dogma, or mere attribute of thinking or emotion, declares the Book of the Golden Precepts, an ancient spiritual scripture. 

It is a universal law not a dogma. True compassion is called “the Law of Laws.” When sincere it manifests as “the light of everlasting Right, and fitness of all things, the law of love eternal.”

This universal power is described as a “shoreless universal essence.” Such teachings are discovered by modern students who connect with The Voice of the Silence, the ancient Golden Precepts translated and arranged by H. P. Blavatsky.

Our higher mind or Higher Ego, says Blavatsky in her article Psychic and Noetic Action: “is part of the essence of the UNIVERSAL MIND, is unconditionally omniscient on its own plane, and only potentially so in our terrestrial sphere, as it has to act solely through its alter ego – the Personal Self.”

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7 responses to “Thinking with Your Heart

  1. DAUNTING, DAUNTING, DAUNTING…phew! But still, I try…thank you,TW for this posting, beautiful…I think…the ideal is, first of all, a real adjustment in terms of practical thinking. “What d’ya mean no justified resentments, how could that possibly be?” But matters of spirit and the law of karma clearly point to a radical difference in our approach and response to life’s earthly events, and the more we adopt it, I suppose the less of a gap in consciousness between the lower and the Higher self. Thank you for this powerful reminder of the alternate normal. NAMASTE, ALL.


  2. Wonderful, thank you.


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  4. We have a physical brain which is part of the physical body. But do we have an “astral brain” which is part of the astral body?
    Also, does compassion come from the principle of Buddhi or the principle of Atma?


    • Yes there is an astral brain corresponding to the astral body, but there are spiritual centers in even the physical brain like the pineal gland which require to be activated. This is accomplished by sacrifice and love for others and practical works. As W. Q.Judge wrote:

      “By living according to the dictates of the soul [Buddhi] the brain may at least be made porous to the soul’s recollections; if the contrary sort of a life is led, then more and more will clouds obscure that reminiscence.”

      The first of the Theosophical duties is to do one’s duty by all men. For every flower of love and charity you plant in your neighbor’s garden, a loathsome weed will disappear from your own. There is no happiness for one who is ever thinking of self and forgetting all other selves. The duty — let alone happiness — of every Theosophist is certainly to help others to carry their burden. A Theosophist should gain the wisdom to help others effectually, not blindly.


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