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10 Questions for the Dalai Lama

torch-of-truthYOU must not think that the gods are without employment, Synesius the Greek bishop of Ptolemais once declared.

The idea is developed by Theosophical Co-Founder W. Q. Judge in his article “Cycles,” concerning the duty of the ancient gods to watch over humanity.

Synesius: “For this providence is divine and most ample, which frequently through one man pays attention to and affects countless multitudes of men.”

“For they descend according to orderly periods of time:

“… for the purpose of imparting a beneficent impulse in the republics of mankind.”


Describing these descending Gods, Synesius of Cyrene, a Neoplatonist Bishop continues: “For there is indeed in the terrestrial abode the sacred tribe of heroes who pay attention to mankind, and who are able to give them assistance even in the smallest concerns.”

Olympia Flame

“This heroic tribe is, as it were,” as quoted in the article, “a colony from the gods established here in order that this terrine abode may not be left destitute of a better nature.”

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