You Already know Your Karma

ESOTERIC philosophy views Past, Present and Future as compound time, and only from our waking, egoic state of consciousness.

Pointedly, Buddha’s dying words confirmed that indeed “all compounds are perishable,” i.e. illusions.

In the realm of “noumena” or the causal plane H. P. Blavatsky wrote (SD 1:43) the three have no validity, and according to Mahayana Buddhism: “The Past time is the Present time, as also the Future, which, though it has not come into existence, still is.”

To the uninitiated concepts of duration and time Blavatsky points out, “are all derived from our sensations according to the laws of Association.” And because they are “inextricably bound up with the relativity of human knowledge” they are superficial and only temporal tools.

Because rationalist views ignore psychic experience, they must eventually fall away in the face of thousands of reported cases such as the near-death experience. Today precognition is validated by new experimental research data in parapsychology.

Minority Report – Precog

Announcing the publication of a controversial work by Cornell researcher Daryl Bem in a 2003 article published in The New York Times, Dr. Bem purports to have demonstrated precognition in a series of experiments. Dr. Bem studied over 1000 people and looked for proof that future events affected past behavior, or retro causation.

His research was analyzed using standard statistical techniques. Using standard measures, Bem’s research indeed finds a causal link between future events and past behavior (or thoughts?)

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Mastering Your Karma, and the Ultimate Divisions of Time

4 responses to “You Already know Your Karma

  1. How can one be punished just for intention or thinking without an act to follow up. That doesnt seem fair.


    • “…that which is desire, instinctive impulse in the lower, becomes thought in the Higher. The former finds expression in acts, the latter in words. Esoterically, thought is more responsible and punishable than act. But exoterically it is the reverse. Therefore, in ordinary human law, an assault is more severely punished than the thought or intention, i.e., the threat, whereas Karmically it is the contrary.”


  2. Thank you, TW, for this post, wonderful. I think the title “You Already Know Your Karma” is a powerful and revealing one, because if, as our HPB explains, we are indeed eternal, and all that really exists is now, then somewhere in our consciousness we do indeed know our future as well as our past because it is all one great Now. And, maybe it’s just a matter of tapping into this awareness properly – two things come to mind, purity and trust; purity of motive and also our faculties, as like a clean mirror that reflects properly, without dust or dirt to obscure…and after that trust, trusting what our perceptions tell us. In the Theosophical book, “Light On The Path” by Mabel Collins, there is something written there, if I remember correctly, that says we should grow (spiritually) unconsciously like a flower grows, that we should not seek after siddhis, or spiritual/psychic abilities, that they will come naturally as we proceed on the Path. But maybe I don’t really understand that passage correctly or completely. Now, I wonder if consciously choosing to strengthen one’s intuition and psychic ability can actually be a help and a protection to not only one’s self, but for others as well. I suppose it’s all about the motive. Much love and protection and peace to all, NAMASTE.


    • I suspect, Monica, there is much truth in your supposings! Purity, trust, unselfish motive – the important of motive is given in your quote from Light on the Path, i.e.: “Grow as the flower grows, unconsciously, but eagerly anxious to open its soul to the air. So must you press forward to open your soul to the eternal. But it must be the eternal that draws forth your strength and beauty, not desire of growth. For in the one case you develop in the luxuriance of purity, in the other you harden by the forcible passion for personal stature.” – Namaste!

      Also this quote from the Key to Theosophy: “Why should [the Higher] Ego receive punishment as the result of deeds which it has forgotten? THEOSOPHIST. It has not forgotten them; it knows and remembers its misdeeds as well as you remember what you have done yesterday. Is it because the memory of that bundle of physical compounds called ‘body’ does not recollect what its predecessor (the personality that was) did, that you imagine that the real Ego has forgotten them?”

      On Individuality and Personality


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