Mystery of the Afterlife

PSYCHE in occult Greek philosophy was the organ or vehicle of the nous, the higher ego or reembodying spirit.

The caterpillar lives its period, making for itself a chrysalis, which after a stage of dormancy is broken by the emerging butterfly.

As an analogy of spiritual evolution this implies the potentiality of soul growth for all beings, and of an earthbound humanity becoming aerial, uniting with spirit.

These thoughts led the ancient Greeks to use the butterfly as a symbol of the human soul (psyche); and in their mythology Psyche was in consequence represented in art with butterfly wings.

Seven year old Kristine loved to take her daydreams outside. One day during her dreamy wanderings she noticed a Monarch Butterfly who appeared to have a hurt wing and couldn’t fly.

“I decided I must help her!” Kristine wrote. “Putting her on my shoulder I took her home and announced I was going to heal her back to full health. My parents didn’t tell me I ‘couldn’t’ although I heard them discuss how heartbroken I would be if the Butterfly didn’t live.

“My Mom helped me gather up what we thought a Butterfly would eat and we made a grassy nest next to my pillow on my bed, and she stayed right there at night while I slept. During the day I would take her outside for fresh air and to see if she could fly yet…a week went by, my parents were seen shaking their heads.

“Then a few more days went by and while outside she suddenly flew off my shoulder…she flew up and away.



“And then I cried, happy that she could fly again, sad that she was gone. However as I turned for one last look in the last direction she flew in, I felt a brush across my cheek.

“Ms. Butterfly had come around the other side of me, to give me what my Mother always called ‘Butterfly Kisses.’ My tears turned into a grateful smile. My love for all of God’s miracles of being has never left me.” – Kristine Kamp-Adante, (Courtesy of Northwest Animal Healing & Intuitive Communication)

Proof of Heaven

Proof Of Heaven is Dr. Eben Alexander III’s #1 New York Times Bestselling book about his near-death experience. As the caterpillar dies or transforms it flies off as a butterfly and is airborne into superior realms. Similarly, we also die as earthbound creatures and fly off to the after-death realms — the state Theosophy calls “Devachan.”

"The pupil must regain the child-state he has lost" - Voice of the Silence I

“The pupil must regain the child-state he has lost” – Voice of the Silence

Devachan is a compound word combining Sanskrit ‘deva’, gods, and the Tibetan word ‘chan’, land, it is the “dwelling of the gods” according to the original teachings of Theosophy as formulated by H.P. Blavatsky.

Like the butterfly to the swarm, our higher mind or Higher Ego, says Blavatsky in her article Psychic and Noetic Action, is “part of the essence of the UNIVERSAL MIND,” and “is unconditionally omniscient on its own plane, and only potentially so in our terrestrial sphere.” When in a body, “it has to act solely through its alter ego – the Personal Self.” This is the action to which most Near Death experiencers testify.

The Interview

A Harvard and Duke associated academic neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander’s brain was suddenly attacked by a rare illness. In fact, it was the part of the brain that essentially makes us human, thereby making his near-death experience much more compelling to scientists and skeptics because his brain was incapable of imagination or hallucination.

“For seven days he lay in a coma while journeying into the afterlife. Guided by a spiritual being yet having no memory of his physical (human) existence, Eben learned about life after death, our purpose for being here, the power of prayer, insights about why evil is allowed to exist in our world, and so much more. I’m honored to share this in-depth interview with one of the most likable and eloquent scientists of our time.” ~ (Bob Olson, Afterlife TV).

Afterlife Mysteries

(The experiences described by Dr. Alexander are explained by the occult teachings in The Secret Doctrine. Spiritually accurate, as given to HPB by her co-author Masters, they are not always easy to fully understand with our intellectual mind)


“To describe absolute existence, an unconditioned unity, or a state, the human language is absolutely and hopelessly inadequate,” says Mme. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, Vol 1:266. “The only approach to anything like a comprehensive conception of it can be attempted solely in the panoramic visions of the soul, through spiritual ideations of the divine…”

“The [spiritual entity] of every living being is an individual Dhyan Chohan, distinct from others, a kind of spiritual individuality of its own, during one special Manvantara.


“Its Primary, the Spirit (Atman) is one, of course, with Paramâtma (the one Universal Spirit), but the vehicle (Vahan) it is enshrined in, the Buddhi, is part and parcel of that Dhyan-Chohanic Essence; and it is in this that lies the mystery of its ubiquity.

“’My Father, that is in Heaven, and I—are one,’—says the Christian Scripture; in this, at any rate, it is the faithful echo of the esoteric tenet.” (Secret Doctrine 1:265)

Below is Bob Olson’s video conversation with Dr. Eben Alexander III. The full interview is over 1 hour – but the first 16 minutes is the most riveting.

The Book

Visit Olsen’s Facebook page (over 30,000 fans) & share with people you know who might be interested.

To Purchase Dr. Eben Alexander’s Book Proof Of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into The Afterlife (Amazon affiliate): (link takes you to Dr. Eben Alexander’s book page).

The Illusion of Time

by H. P. Blavatsky

“Time is only an illusion produced by the succession of our states of consciousness as we travel through eternal duration, and it does not exist where no consciousness exists in which the illusion can be produced; but “lies asleep.” The present is only a mathematical line which divides that part of eternal duration which we call the future, from that part which we call the past.

“… persons and things, which, dropping out of the to-be into the has-been, out of the future into the past — present momentarily to our senses a cross-section, as it were, of their total selves, as they pass through time and space (as matter) on their way from one eternity to another: and these two constitute that “duration” in which alone anything has true existence, were our senses but able to cognize it there.” – (The Secret Doctrine 1:37)

“CONTACT” (1997)

Final Scenes

Dogs Know

Animals sense that the soul survives the body and that the real person is not dead. A German shepherd called Capitán sleeps on the grave of his owner every night at 6pm. His owner, Miguel Guzmán died in 2006. Capitán disappeared while the family attended the funeral services. A week later relatives of Guzmán were visiting the cemetery when they were astounded to find the dog next to the owner’s grave. The cemetery director says that the dog comes around each night at 6pm, and has done so for the past 6 years! 🙂

5 responses to “Mystery of the Afterlife

  1. Its like you learn my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, such as you wrote the e-book in it or something.

    I think that you just can do with some % to drive the message home a bit, however instead of
    that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.


  2. Thank you so much, TW, this post is just astoundingly wonderful!!! I believe, I believe, I believe, and I always will…the interview with Dr. Eben Alexander is simply remarkable, so full of heart and devotion, an incongruous thing seemingly, that it comes from a Neurosurgeon, just amazing, he’s the perfect Channel to put yet another dent in the materialistic wall of disbelief and error…such an inspiring post, every part of it. The Dr.’s book “Proof of Heaven” is absolutely a must-do on my list. A VERY HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX, EVERYONE!! RENEWAL!! JOY!! LIFE!!! NAMASTE


    • Ya, when I think of the rapid and amazing progress the world is making AWAY from the old materialism its very heartening. And then Blavatsky concluded the Key to Theosophy with just such a prognostication: “The earth will be a heaven in the twenty-first century in comparison with what it is now….”.


  3. Yes, I believe in life after death and no debating will change my mind. The scientists say it’s a purely physical thing that happens to the body with the neurons etc. But they have no idea where the energy that is the soul goes.


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