Thoughts are Things: Bound Together for Good or Ill

buddhas_natureAS human beings our lives and fates are often wrapped up in multiple paradoxes, which seem to be almost the defining characteristic of our species.

The fact that we mutually experience any contrasting states (or that we interact at all) is only made possible because we are connected together.

Similar to a cell phone conversation that depends on the signal between phones. Without that signal, the call gets dropped. But Nature’s signals are much more dependable.

In fact, according to Theosophy, the whole universe is signaled together via a built-in “triple evolutionary scheme,” (The Secret Doctrine 1:181) — “three separate schemes of evolution inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point.”

But does being indissolubly bound as one human family help us or hurt us? Probably both, depending on our self-development.

One moment we are compassionate and forgiving, the next we are weighted with irreconcilable differences and conflicts.

Similarly all beings on Earth are fundamentally entwined like a forest of giant redwoods that are known to have intermingling root systems. Universal non-separateness is the First Fundamental in Theosophy, insisting that “everything in the Universe, throughout all its kingdoms, is conscious,” according to H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine (1:274).



Not limited to the human or animal kingdoms Blavatsky maintains, every unit visible or invisible in nature “is endowed with a consciousness of its own kind, and on its own plane of perception.” Scientists now have even connected minerals, linking “two diamonds in a mysterious process called entanglement,” LiveScience senior writer Clara Moskowitz reports —”normally only seen on the quantum scale.” 

It phenomenon is so weird for modern science that Einstein dubbed it “spooky action at a distance.” Described as a strange effect where

“one object gets connected to another so that even if they are separated by large distances, an action performed on one will affect the other.”

“Thus, no speck of dust or grain of sand is without its own quality of consciousness,” according to Gertrude W. van Pelt in Hierarchies: The Ladder of Life, “though, of course, not as human beings understand the word. In this sense every atom is an entity.”


“Every composite being is composed of atoms,” she adds, “which obviously could not be used or respond to impulses if they were not themselves alive, having their own degree of consciousness.”

“If there were not this essential unity, there could be no coordination in nature, and any broken link would mean chaos.”

It has been found that the power of prescience lies ready to spring out from the core of even the simplest entities on earth, from atoms to molecules. Cells at disparate locations in our bodies, for example, will talk to one other. Trees are known to warn other trees of insect attacks over long distances reports seismologist Larry Gedney of Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks. (Do Trees Communicate for Mutual Defense?)

ESP of Plants

Global Consciousness

We are held together for good or ill. Not because we always want to, but because we have little choice — we are of one body, one mind, one spirit. This is not wishful thinking, but science.

One of the clearest proof of our inseparability and that we exist within an invisible conscious matrix has been documented over more than twenty years by a study called the Global Consciousnesses Project (GCP), conducted at Princeton University.

Each of us has the power, greater or lesser developed, to peer into the ‘soul of things, to experience the hidden side of one another and the life around us. Often appearing as ‘gut feelings’ we clearly don’t pay enough heed to that ability, favoring our reason instead.

It is the ongoing saga of humanity, left brain continually contending with right brain. This is not the case with the eternal harmony of great nature around us on land, in ocean and air, which only fails when man interferes or abuses her. Global warming is modern society’s foremost example.

Dogs Know

Many animals can sense earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in advance. In an example familiar to many pet owners, it has been well documented in many species, but especially that dogs know when their owners are coming home.

These phenomena are of the fundamental teachings in Theosophy, i.e. that consciousness is universal, and necessary to the survival of life. 

“This is a new idea to Western habit of thought, but familiar to the East, and common in ancient times.”

Thinking Cells

Billions of bacteria, called the human microbiome, are distributed over the entire human body. Except for gut bacteria, why these communities of bacteria exist, and what they may all do, is still a mystery to science, and the subject of extensive investigation.

One of the single most important factors to maintaining good health lives in the human gut. Our nano-wired gut bacteria even dictate our mood and mental health, and out-number the human cells in our body by ten to one!

“Every atom, is a little universe in itself,” Blavatsky taught, and not surprisingly, she also insisted that:

“…every organ and cell in the human body is endowed with a brain of its own, with memory, therefore, experience and discriminative powers.”



As already mentioned, a report in the Dec. 1, 2011 journal LiveScience, confirms that a dialogue really goes on between diamonds, for example–and even atoms–as Blavatsky claimed. Scientists “entangled two pairs of vibrating particles separated in space, so that when one pair was forced to change its movement, the other pair did as well.”

Entangled Diamonds

The power to see and know beyond our ordinary ken, is heightened in some persons more than others, and in some not at all. “There are persons who never think with the higher faculties of their minds at all,” Blavatsky asserts:

“Those who do so are the minority and are thus, in a way, beyond, if not above, the average of human kind.”

Electric Microbes

Specialized bacterial filaments have been shown to conduct electricity. Some bacteria grow electrical hair that lets them link up in large biological circuits, according to a USC College biophysicist and his collaborators.  (Microbial Hair: It’s Electric Specialized bacterial filaments shown to conduct electricity).

Assist or Compete?

“It is very difficult for a materialist, the metaphysical portion of whose brain is almost atrophied,” Blavatsky explains  in her occultism dialogue, “to raise himself— or for one who is naturally spiritually-minded, to descend to the level of the matter-of-fact vulgar thought.”

Evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis was one of those rare scientists who was “spiritually-minded” in the Blavatskian sense of the term.

Lynn Margulis

Margulis wrote a paper “that many biologists at the time regarded as a wild evolutionary heresy,” writes Steven Rose in the, Sunday 11 December 2011 — “but which has now become mainstream.”

“Margulis expanded on an idea that co-operation is as important a feature of evolutionary change as competition.”

Its a view “that Charles Darwin himself would not have been unsympathetic to,” Rose believes, “despite the protestations of some of his more fundamentalist disciples.”

 Thoughts are Things

One of the scientists who never got the memo that he wasn’t supposed to devote his career to studying the perception in nature, is Cleve Backster, the renowned polygraph expert and consciousness researcher.


Below is a clip of Cleve Backster discussing his discovery of “primary perception”  in plants and bacteria, showing they are sentient and telepathic. More surprisingly:

In a controlled study, Backster reported detecting a chicken heartbeat — in an unfertilized egg!

For more information click on Primary Perception’—The Secret Life of Life (Part 1): An interview with Cleve Backster, and a look at his seminal work on consciousness in the kingdoms of nature.

No Separation

Like plants and animals, the under-wraps reality, what we feel about something or someone, according to Theosophy, is a non-reasoning activity of a hidden power we all possess. And we use this faculty continuously, albeit unconsciously.

“As illusions, we are separate distinct bodies, living in masks,” Mme. Blavatsky wrote in Transactions (137), and asks: “Can we claim one single atom in our body as distinctly our own?

“Everything, from spirit to the tiniest particle, is part of the whole, at best a link. Break a single link and all passes into annihilation; but this is impossible.”


“There is a series of vehicles becoming more and more gross, from spirit to the densest matter,” she explains, “so that with each step downward and outward we get more and more the sense of separateness developed in us.”


We Honor the Unknown Artists

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5 responses to “Thoughts are Things: Bound Together for Good or Ill

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  2. Maureen Paterson

    Brilliant – when it comes to ‘thought transference’ we must never overlook
    the fact that some people are very likely ‘reading our thoughts’ from time to time. Another comment I would like to make is the plea for us all to
    have and keep a ‘mind of our own’ about any and everything at the same time as we allow that right to every other. That, I believe, has always been the ‘strength’ of Theosophical Society. Bravo.


  3. jesus manuel katt contreras

    Si tomamos como base del proemio de la Doctrina Secreta de HPB que todos somos uno porque emanamos de esa fuente divina tambien somos creadores y a la vez responsables de lo que pensamos por tal motivo hay que tomar en cuenta la ley del karma.


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