The Goddess in the Well, Source of Spiritual Truth and Wisdom


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SIMILAR to an internet-connected smart phone, our hearts invisibly and wirelessly connect us to an infinite network of spiritual information.

Through the unseen energy the heart emits, humans are subtlety yet profoundly networked to each other and to all living things.

“O fearless Aspirant, look deep within the well of thine own heart,” urges The Voice of the Silence, warning the would-be disciple:

“Knowest thou of Self the powers, O thou perceiver of external shadows? If thou dost not, then art thou lost.”

The energy of this deep heart-well literally binds us to each another. Additionally, every person’s heart vibration, positive or negative, contributes to what is called a single ‘collective field environment.’

But the more we advance in the direction of harmony, the more “pitfalls” we encounter, says The Voice of the Silence: “The path that leadeth on, is lighted by one fire — the light of daring, burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more he shall obtain. The more he fears, the more that light shall pale — and that alone can guide.”

“For as the lingering sunbeam, that on the top of some tall mountain shines, is followed by black night when out it fades, so is heart-light. When out it goes, a dark and threatening shade will fall from thine own heart upon the path…”, which seems an unusual and very potent insight.

A short video explains the importance and how to increase the true heart light or energy, and how we each add to the collective field. The energetic field of the heart even connects us with the earth itself.

Heart Math

Scientists at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM) have already conducted extensive research on the power of heart, the heart/brain connection, heart intelligence and practical intuition.

Stepping Stones

The true student must in every case, Theosophy maintains, “be a centre of spiritual action — and from him and his own daily individual life, must radiate those higher spiritual forces which alone can regenerate his fellow-men.”

“The connection is most intimate,” Mme. Blavatsky assures us: “If our present lives depend upon the development of certain principles which are a growth from the germs left by a previous existence, the law holds good as regards the future.”

Spirit and mind have to be “in perfect union and harmony,” she says. “Break or damage the centripetal motion of the earthly soul tending toward the centre which attracts it; arrest its progress by clogging it with a heavier weight of matter than it can bear, and the harmony of the whole will be destroyed.”

steppingstones“Personal life, or perhaps rather its ideal reflection, can only be continued if sustained by the two-fold force, that is by the close union of Spirit and Soul  in every re-birth. The least deviation from harmony damages it.”

“Every mean and selfish action sends us backward and not forward, while every noble thought and every unselfish deed are steppingstones to the higher and more glorious planes of being. 


Once grasp the idea that universal causation is not merely present, but past, present and future

“every action on our present plane falls naturally and easily into its true place, and is seen in its true relation to ourselves and to others.”


“Were even the goddess who dwells at the bottom of the well to issue from her place of confinement,” she writes, “she could give man no more than he can assimilate. Meanwhile, every one can sit near that well — the name of which is KNOWLEDGE — and gaze into its depths in the hope of seeing Truth’s fair image reflected, at least, on the dark waters.”


What is Truth?

“Outside a certain highly spiritual and elevated state of mind, during which Man is at one with the UNIVERSAL MIND,” Blavatsky insists in her article What is Truth, “he can get nought on earth but relative truth, or truths, from whatsoever philosophy or religion.”

Because all minds are connected, our greatest personal knowledge is gained by consciously sharing through unity and cooperation with others.


Smart Hearts

H. P. Blavatsky adds a caveat that some truth “may occasionally be reflected as in a mirror on the spot we gaze upon, and thus reward the patient student,” she concludes — adding the quote:

‘I have heard that some philosophers in seeking for Truth, to pay homage to her, have seen their own image in the water and adored it instead.'”


“…look deep within the well
of thine own heart.”


“If this life were all, then in many respects it would indeed be poor and mean,” Blavatsky wrote, “but regarded as a preparation for the next sphere of existence, it may be used as the golden gate through which we may pass, not selfishly and alone, but in company with our fellows, to the palaces which lie beyond.”

“The pupil must regain the
child-state he has lost.”

– The Voice of the Silence

The Institute of HeartMath ( is helping provide a more comprehensive picture of this connection between all living things through a special science-based project called the Global Coherence Initiative (http:///

They hope to help explain the mysteries of this connection between people and the earth…and even the sun.


Whether personal relationships, social connections, or even the global community — we are all connected through a field of electromagnetic energy. Increasing individual awareness of what we bring to this field environment could be the key to creating a sustainable future, a future that we can be proud to have helped create. Also, learn more about the “Little Brain in the Heart” by clicking on the image below.



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