Waking Our Inner God, the Divine Imprisoned Spirit

Jennifer Stuczynski and Pole

HAVING the right tools for a job is essential, just ask any electrician, plumber or carpenter.

Equally important, is that the tools being used are dependable and in good working condition.

Just ask any parachutist, race car driver, mountain climber, or a pole vaulter.

On the spiritual level, the purity or impurity of our bodily instrument and senses determine, for better or worse, our soul’s ability to express its unique genius.

Krishna explains this very simply to his disciple, the soul warrior Arjuna, in the 2nd Chapter of The Bhagavad-Gita saying: “he who hath his senses and organs in control possesses spiritual knowledge.”

Likewise, the quality and adequacy of “the brain and body to transmit and give expression,” H. P. Blavatsky wrote in her article Genius, “is the result of Karma.” And offered an analogy:

… the physical is the musical instrument, and the Ego, the performing artist.

No skill of the soul she wrote, “can awaken faultless harmony out of a broken or badly made instrument.”  The physical “may be a priceless Stradivarius or a cheap and cracked fiddle.”

Zoe Bloomfield with her cracked $7000 violin. Photo: Nick Moir

But sometimes physical limitations can be successfully overridden. The genius of Paganini, for instance, even burdened by a “cracked fiddle,” would still produce more perfect music from a damaged instrument than could a lesser musician.

“I am not dumb now!”

Helen Keller with her instructor and lifelong companion, Anne Sullivan, appears in a Vitaphone newsreel from 1930. In this footage Sullivan demonstrates the unique way Helen learned to talk.

The heroic reawakening of Helen Keller is always inspiring. Helen was born a healthy child on June 27, 1880, to Captain Arthur H. and Kate Adams Keller of Tuscumbia, Alabama.

She started speaking at six months and walking at one year. In 1882, Helen contracted a mysterious illness, which doctors at the time called “brain fever.” It’s speculated that the illness was actually meningitis or scarlet fever. Helen Keller recovered, but the illness left her permanently deaf and blind.

Helen Age 7 and Annie

Helen at Age 7 with Annie Sullivan

At the age of six, she was still deafblind, and a half-wild creature, almost as a feral child might be. “Helen Keller became famous for overcoming adversity, and she accomplished a lot in a life that was both challenging and extraordinary.”

More Info: Who Was Helen Keller?

With the help of her teacher Annie Sullivan, she proved so gifted she soon learned the fingertip alphabet, and shortly afterward to write.

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another,” Helen later wrote invoking immortality: “but there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.”

The Pump

A unique and dramatic example of courage, faith, perseverance, hope, and inner genius, Helen wrote of her life like an awakened Siddhartha Buddha: “out of this dark experience,” she wrote:

I understand more fully all human strivings, thwarted ambitions and the infinite capacity of hope.

The Miracle Worker

The title originates in Mark Twain’s description of  Anne Sullivan as a “miracle worker.”  The “miracle” occurs when Annie (played by the incomparable Anne Bancroft) and the wild, blind and deaf Helen (Patty Duke) are at the water pump refilling a pitcher of water in the classic film. Based on the play by William Gibson

The Soul of Intellect

The breakthrough moment for Helen comes when she makes the intellectual and emotional connection between the word Annie spells into her hand and the water. As W. Q. Judge wrote in Chapter 7 of the Ocean of Theosophy:

the intellect alone is cold,
heartless and selfish.

Helen Keller

This is shown today by studies of neurological correlates in the brain. Intellect is not the sole path to the total experience of truth. 

The real key lies in our feelings and emotions.

For example, it was the feeling of the water on her hands that was the missing emotional link to Helen’s linguistic breakthrough.

Helen and Annie

Helen Keller provided an object lesson of “living according to the dictates of the soul,” as W. Q. Judge explained in the Ocean of Theosophy, Chapter 9.

…the brain may at last be made porous to the soul’s recollections.

Helen clearly possessed a spirit of refined genius, with a rich determination that proved to be more than equal to her challenging life — a life that would likely have defeated most of us with normal sight and hearing.

Reincarnation Rules

Reincarnation is the evolutionary means by which lessons are learned. “It is abundantly clear” William Q. Judge says in The Necessity for Reincarnation: “that one life, even if prolonged” is woefully insufficient.

“One life is no more adequate to gain knowledge, acquire experience, solidify principle, and form character,

… than would one day in infancy be adequate to fit for the duties of mature adulthood.

It is only through the anciently understood law of coordinated rebirths, of progressive awakenings, that the physical brain and instrument are made ‘porous’ to the soul’s memories.

Broadway 2010

Highlights from THE MIRACLE WORKER at Circle in the Square Theater on Broadway. Starring Academy Award® nominee Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Tony Award® nominee Alison Pill (The Lieutenant of Inishmore) as Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. Directed by Kate Whoriskey (Ruined).

Contrast Required

“Spirit (or Consciousness) and Matter are, however, to be regarded, not as independent realities,” Blavatsky explained in The Secret Doctrine:

… but as the two facets or aspects of the Absolute (Parabrahm), which constitute the basis of conditioned Being whether subjective or objective.

“Hence it will be apparent that the contrast of these two aspects of the Absolute,” she wrote, “is essential to the existence of the ‘Manifested Universe.'”

Helen and Annie

“Apart from Cosmic Substance, Cosmic Ideation could not manifest as individual consciousness,” she asserts, illuminating the axiom underlying individual consciousness:

… since it is only through a vehicle of matter that consciousness wells up as ‘I am I’ — a physical basis being necessary to focus a ray of the Universal Mind at a certain stage of complexity.

“Again, apart from Cosmic Ideation, Cosmic Substance would remain an empty abstraction,” Blavatsky concludes, “and no emergence of consciousness could ensue.”

“Always Original”

“Great genius if true and innate,” Blavatsky declared in her article Genius, is “not merely an abnormal expansion of our human intellect — can never copy or condescend to imitate.” It is always original she said, and “ever sui generis in its creative impulses and realizations.”

A Stradivarius Violin

Barb Guerra

Barb Guerra, had an electrical accident while living in Pasadena, Texas when she was 2 years old, and lost both of her arms.

Now she is a mother, and in the video below you can see her doing daily things such as cooking and driving, and caring for her baby — demonstrating an original ability she developed by using only her feet.


“No Arms, No Legs,
No Worries”

“Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic gives motivational speeches to High School students. Vujicic travels 40 weeks out of the year sharing his story and trying to give inspiration and hope to others.

Nick Vujicic inspires others

“This was truly an inspiration for me…if this young man can touch the lives of millions and take charge of his life why can’t I do it, why can’t you do it?

“We can have a Life Without Limits. Nick is the perfect example of life without limits.” (Tara Cuslidge, Recordnet.com)

The Pattern Body

H. P. Blavatsky described the importance of the processes active in early childhood, leading to the age of responsibility:

Man has his ‘double’ or shadow, properly so called, around which the physical body of the foetus — the future man — is built.

H. P. Blavatsky,
Dialogues Between the Two Editors

Music pattern for the piccolo instrument.

“The imagination of the mother, or an accident that affects the child, will affect also the astral body,” according to Blavatsky in her article on the Astral Body. Similar to a sheet of music:

The astral pattern exists before the physical performance, before mind is developed into action, and before the Atma [spirit] awakens on this plane.

The reincarnating ego-mind can more fully take hold of the body and brain when the child is seven years old, the ancients taught, and with it comes the responsibility of a conscious sentient being.

Gustavo Dudamel conducting a symphony.

“Progressive Awakenings”

“Progressive awakenings,” are the primary keynote of H. P. Blavatsky’s evolutionary teachings in The Secret Doctrine 1:181. A “triple evolutionary scheme,” they are “inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point.”

“As we rise in the scale of development, we perceive that during the stages through which we have passed,” she explained, “we mistook shadows for realities.”

Shadows of Realities

Analogous to the well-understood process of learning gymnastics, swimming, pole vaulting, music or painting, etc., The Secret Doctrine declares the process is the same for the mind and soul, that:

The upward progress of the Ego is a series of progressive awakenings.

Each advance brings with it “the idea that now, at last, we have reached ‘reality,’ she continues — “but only when we shall have reached the absolute Consciousness and blended our own with it,” [mastery of the instrument in this analogy]— “shall we be free” [of the keyboard] — i.e. free from illusions.

Getting to Carnegie Hall, the saying goes, requires “practice, practice, practice.”

No Surrender:
Autism Speaks

Our apologies if this video report upsets you. It is disturbing looking at the deep human suffering from the outside. Imagine what the heroic suffering, for both parent and child, must be on the inside! Welcome to the lessons of the Kali-Yuga (Dark Age). The bright side of human evolution is Reincarnation, and the continuous assistance we receive from the Higher Self, compassion incarnate.


This is the “Third Fundamental” of Theosophy, i.e. human beings engaging in a series of (hopefully) normal developmental stages over many lifetimes.

According to this teaching, we acquire our individuality, normally, “first by natural impulse,” (before the age of seven), “and then by self-induced and self-devised efforts” thereafter.

Temple Grandin:
Reinventing Autism


At every stage of development, the reincarnating soul is “checked by its Karma,” Blavatsky writes, and gradually ascends “through all the degrees of intelligence.”

These karmic lessons, great and small, are repeated at each of our new reincarnations. The fuller awakening of our higher spiritual mind

is achieved over many (or few) lifetimes depending on our individual karmic circumstances, our will and experiences.

A Reincarnating Butterfly

The subject of the evolution of human beings cycling on a sevenfold plan is a vast pilgrimage, embracing millions of years.

The journey of self-mastery is accompanied, every step of the way, by great opportunities that often lie hidden in our daily life circumstances and experiences.

Wonder Dog

This is Faith, an amazing dog that can walk on two legs…

Please watch this video if you’ve been feeling down, or if you feel like all hope is lost!


This is her story, a pup born with a birth defect. The incredible life of an amazing two-legged dog that walks upright like a human! An example of perseverance — an inspiration, and a miracle of never giving up.



10 responses to “Waking Our Inner God, the Divine Imprisoned Spirit

  1. Okay. I’ll try again. Regarding the phenomena of reincarnation, as a Non-dualist, I think the popular explanation of evolution is false. It’s a typical humanized explanation of things happening in space and time. I get it…life here is like a school. You keep coming back until you pass the test. You get promoted when you do good things and demoted when you do bad things. Very human concept. But, not true.
    If we are fundamentally consciousness (awareness, spirit, soul, choose your favorite word), then we are essentially outside space and time. Evolution requires time and space. Consciousness does not. Consciousness does not “evolve”, it explores itself as you, me, and everything else. Similar to how you dream.
    The “you in your dream” sees things evolving in space and time in your dream. However, the you having in dream in bed sees all as it, and it as all, including the appearance of space, time, matter, and evolution.
    This is clear after you wake up from your dream. It’s why we call it a “dream”. It is not what it appears to be to the you in your dream.
    So, what is really going on from consciousness point of view a sleep in the bed. Simple. It is exploring itself in a temporary, imagined world, and self in that world. What seems like space, time, matter, a separate self, and evolution to the self in your dream, is really your consciousness exploring itself, having experiences, and making decisions it cant do as fundamental consciousness, which is what you really are.
    Why does consciousness do this? We don’t know why. Why do you dream? We don’t know why. But, we all do from birth to death here.
    So, does consciousness (you) evolve? No. Is consciousness rewarded and punished going through this human experience? No. That’s what it looks like from inside your temporary dream of human life. But, as consciousness none of that happens. To consciousness, All is it, and It is all. Just like how you dream.
    And now you understand the phenomena of “reincarnation” from consciousness point of view. “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.” Simple. Why? Because you are them and they are you in this dream of human life. There is only one fundamental consciousness. You are it, and It is you, and everything else. After you “wake up” this will be clear to you. Just like when you dream. 😴😊


    • Thanks for your interesting comment. Picking up on your “non-dualist” idea, The Secret Doctrine actually enforces universal duality in the First Fundamental Proposition: “Parabrahm (the One Reality, the Absolute) is the field of Absolute Consciousness, i.e., that Essence which is out of all relation to conditioned existence, and of which conscious existence is a conditioned symbol. But once that we pass in thought from this (to us) Absolute Negation, duality supervenes in the contrast of Spirit (or consciousness) and Matter, Subject and Object.” https://theosophy.wiki/en/Three_Fundamental_Propositions


  2. You never posted my comment yesterday. Why?


  3. Thank you, TW, an amazing post, chock full of meaning for this student.Once again, Theosophy comes to the rescue, dispelling the glamorous and superficial idea that many may hold about reincarnation. We’re all in if it means we may have been some flamboyant figure in history, or a person who embodied some some cherished idea, which is perfectly ok..but the arduous work of growth, assimilating spiritual idea, paying for what we may have done or may not have done, not so much, lol. But, it’s all to the good, because the twin doctrines of karma and reincarnation are in my estimation, however we come to it, a form of MERCY. That absolutely unforgettable scene in the play, The Miracle Worker, the height of drama where the teacher says, “She sees! She knows!” Is a moment that is to me, exactly like what we know in the Wisdom Teachings as the Lighting Up of Manas. Yes, a specific time period, but also maybe what’s experienced at every new threshold, generating the feeling of yes, this is it, like never before! But we know we are all on a journey of endless like never befores, lol. I am grateful for TW, the teachings and all the like-never-befores. When I was around 7 years old, I was walking home from school and a man handed me a piece of paper and said I should give this to my Mom. Of course this was before the days of any serious child endangerment (kidding!). When I got home, Mom said it was a note from the casting people, asking if she’d let me audition to be part of the cast of The Miracle Worker on Broadway. It didn’t pan out then, but I always felt it was a seed being planted in me. And here now, TW, reminding me of the seed planted in us. NAMASTE ❤️🙏🏾




  5. Isn’t autism caused by giving babies vaccinations? What is the theosophical view on vaccinations?


    • FROM H. P. BLAVATSKY: “Editor’s Note: The subject of compulsory Vaccination deeply concerns the people of India, who number 25 kotis, and by law are compelled, under sever penalties for refusal or neglect, to be vaccinated. The letter from Mr. Tebb, the philanthropist, will be read with interest no doubt. We give it place therefore, although we should not be willing to open often our editorial doors to questions which are almost outside our limits. The THEOSOPHIST has to war upon another and even worse form of inoculation—the empoisoning of the Hindu mind with the views of modern scepticism.”


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